The Gaming Industry Boom


There is no escaping that the last few years have been hugely successful for the gaming industry; what was once deemed a loner’s pastime and a mark of geekery has now become a lucrative business for all involved. Gaming has gone beyond being a lone activity and has developed into a multifaceted platform accommodating multiplayer and competitive gaming.

Back in 2014 there was a lot of news circulating about how fast this sector was growing, with reports stating that annual growth was increasing at an alarming rate, approximately four times faster than that of the American economy, one of the biggest in the world. Even more impressive was the amount of well paid job openings it was creating in the process; in the US during 2012 over 42,000 employees were within the industry, a huge 30 percent increase from 2009. Even though many hours were dedicated to making popular games a reality, be that developing the content or simply placing the titles in shops, many more were taken up by the gamers who played them. And from there, from that need to game and improve, came the increase in eSports and competitive gaming jobs.

Once upon a time, gaming for a living seemed like an idle dream for many, and yet now millennials are able to do exactly that, and earn impressive amounts of money too. In fact, learning how to be a high earning player has become such a much sought after position that various how-to guides have appeared all over the internet to help transition from amateur to professional.

Certain subsections within the gaming sector as a whole has always had an air of professionalism, such as Poker, which has both a large following and some truly talented players to its name. Nonetheless, the successes of those few appeared to be minority episodes and not something that was easily obtainable, and yet now many players online can hone their skills to become exceptional gamers. Canada’s Lucky Nugget Casino is one such domain that rewards players handsomely for their wins, with some lucky users managing to secure jackpots of $1,683,526. Although an awesome sum of money, that type of monetary gain is becoming commonplace within this industry.

In addition to the high stakes of casino classics, there are the many video gaming events throughout the year that herald in big winnings for the teams that make it that far; CS:GO is one multiplayer action title that is well known within the gaming community. Similar to how tense it can be watching the turn of each card, the battle of teams against one another has proven to be an intoxicating sport for all walks of spectators to appreciate. It could even be argued that gaming on such a scale could soon outdo conventional sports such a football in popularity.

Whatever the form, whether it’s tried and tested table games, or the allure of action packed warfare, the gaming industry doesn’t appear to be slowing any time soon

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