The Age of Competitive Gaming: Upcoming Events


You don’t need to be an avid gamer to be aware of the amount of events currently held across the globe within the e-gaming industry, for there are always new ones popping up alongside the more seasoned festivals. There are many high profile affairs of this kind that draw in a large number of spectators, fans looking for a punt and gamers alike, with America being one of the larger countries to host such events. However, Europe, and more specifically the UK, has a lot of upcoming e-gaming tournaments in 2016, the closest being INSOMNIA 58.

For those of you that aren’t aware of this social occasion, it is held three times a year during Spring, Summer, and Winter. What is more, the whole event has been around for many years, over 14 in fact, and is seen as a home for all gamers, whether they be hardcore veterans or relatively casual. Sometimes these type of festivals are seen as being geared up for elite gamers, whereas in this instance a wider range of players can get involved, which is arguably part of the event’s charm. Although INSOMNIA has been hosted at various locations since its beginning, since 2015 it has found its home at the NEC in Birmingham, and will be open this time round from August 26th-29th.

At many of these festivals the focus of the esports tends to revolve around one particular title, as seen at the ESL One Cologne 2016, however for this UK e-gaming hive there are multiple activities going off around the clock. In fact there are approximately ten tournaments at this year’s INSOMNIA, although two of those titles are exhibition competitions only and not open to general players, while another is dedicated specifically to consoles, with the remaining seven being BYOC.

As a standard for all esports within the competitive world, everyone attending and all those fans who aren’t able to attend, are in with a chance to enjoy some monetary gains from having a cheeky bet here or there. In fact, with Betway’s first round odds, to name but a few of the ones on offer, there are many ways for the organisers and audiences to live the excitement of INSOMNIA 58. If you should sadly miss out on the action taking place in Birmingham in late August, there is always INSOMNIA 59 held December 9th-12th, meaning there is always a game (or several) for people to have a stake in.

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