Best Gadgets To Enhance Gaming

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We’re smack bang in the middle of an incredible era for gaming. We’ve got the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and mobile gaming has taken gaming to a whole new level.

It’s an industry worth billions, and gamers around the world are continually thriving for the next big thing whether that be console, game, or accessory.

For almost any genre there is a gadget to make gameplay better, and with so much to choose from, we shortlist the best gadgets to save you from sifting through the online shelves and up your game sooner rather than later…


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Let’s face it, the likes of Driveclub and Forza Horizon are the closest we’re going to get to being a real racing driver. We’re mere mortals compared to Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso, but there’s nothing stopping us at least pretending to be them, even if it is for only half an hour.

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Wheel will take you as close to the racetrack as you can get without revving an engine and is certainly one for the simracing purists. With automotive grade materials and clubsport paddle shifters it’s like racing your very own Porsche 911. And that’s rather exciting.


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There are not many things as thrilling as racing around the Nurburgring, but the thrill of winning a hand in a luxury casino is right up there. So it’s no surprise the likes of blackjack has too transferred into the virtual world.

The Steelseries Wireless Controller is perfect for playing, particularly on mobile which has seen a huge boom when it comes to casino play on the likes of Betway Casino. Without the need to tap on your iPad or smartphone you can prop it up and while away the hours on this handy little gadget.

With a layout similar to a standard console controller, it has a familiarity about it with buttons handy for hitting, standing, and splitting.

Shoot’em Up

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When it comes to shoot’em ups, there is only one gadget you need, and that’s the Delta Six Gun. Funded through Kickstarter it is the ultimate gaming gun and about as close as you could get to the real thing without needing a license.

With real kickback, as well as live-action motion sensing controls it makes blasting away the enemy doubly as fun, whilst the premium materials used for the device makes it worth every penny of the $349.99 retail price.

Coming in a briefcase that you’d associate with a Hollywood assassin it’s compatible with almost any console, and even Oculus Rift making the ultimate virtual reality.


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It’s one of the most relaxing – and popular – sports in the world, and with the Rapala Pro Bass Fishing rod, you can catch a whopper without having to brave the elements.

The wireless controller has reel and rod controllers and will give you that real fishing experience, and combined with a Rapala title can choose from a range of competitions based on location, weight, and accuracy of casts.

It’s the ultimate game for anyone interested in fishing, and it may just convert a few others.

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