3 Best Gadgets Every PC Gamer Dreams of

Gaming is very much like gambling. It has all the traits: the spirit, throughout boldness, the heavy burden of chosen decisions and plenty of stories to live up to. Most of these tales come from winners.

There are differences. You can’t enrich a gambling experience with additional tech and gear. But your PC can undergo huge upgrades. There are plenty of fun and entertaining gadgets PC users dream of and here are the top three.

PEREGRINE Wearable Interface


A trusted online casino guide can get you as far as a game walkthrough – both will pull you out from difficult, game breaking situations. But talking about gadgets, here what we have chosen for you.

30+ actions and interactions are at your fingertips – what could be cooler? The glove allows much more than simple navigation through movement and tapping. Three top-notch activator pads and eighteen impressive touch points give limitless control over the on-screen events.

Additionally, the glove is made out if washable fabric, meaning your gaming experience will be as crispy as the first time even after years of heavy use.

The glove does not cost as much either. You can order it on Amazon for somewhat around $150.

Razer Ferox Speakers


Audio is an essential element of any gaming experience. It is required to appreciate the game to the full extent. Most of the soundtracks are brilliantly written and directed. Music fits into the action and transforms the playing into a flawless dance, not just some random button mashing.

And it sure is nice to know what NPCs have to say, how they act their roles and what their part is in the bigger picture.

But what oh what can a gamer do while enjoying the next $60 AAA project on a laptop? Such a player simply enjoys the game’s audio with convenient, small gaming speakers from Razer.

These tiny babies offer omni-directional 360 degrees of high-end sound quality. Inner mechanics allow for great use of the base and sound levels are broadcasted on pleasant frequencies.

Cyborg amBX


This is the perfect device for those of you, who prefer to sink deeply inside gaming experiences. Just a screen is not enough to fully appreciate the atmosphere. And, while the audio quality coming out of your speakers is an essential element – lighting can serve as an additional trigger.

That’s when the amBX steppes in. These additional lights are tailored to meet one purpose. They change their color according to events that are happening in the game.

Are there any other amazing gadgets that you are aware of? Maybe you have used any of the mentioned devices and can provide us with accurate, opinion-based feedback? Use the comment section below and share your knowledge!

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