10 Great Movie-Inspired Games (1972 – 1999)


Thanks to the unqualified success of the film industry creating recognizable titles and hectic cult followings, merchandising has exploded all across the board. Maybe you own a Star Wars Light saber or thirty, perhaps you have a giant poster of Captain America across your wall spooning Tony Stark. Whatever your nerdy vice may be, it’s hard to argue against the impact films have had on the possessions we take in. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why the video game industry has never been shy with creating their own adaptations of popular films.

Let’s face it, most games based off movies are, well, terrible. In fact, some are just outright atrocious and serve no purpose in their existence. We’ve all played that one game, the one we asked our parents to get us for Christmas or a birthday, because we loved the movie so much. Then after 15 minutes you realized what a huge mistake you’ve made. However, believe it or not, there exists an elite group of movie-based games that are actually…good. Not just good, but great, worth owning even.

While movie-based games are a dime a dozen nowadays, the first video game adaptations of film didn’t start becoming a popular idea until companies like Atari and Nintendo helped bring gaming to the living room. Due to the sheer number of movie-based games coming out nowadays, the more modern titles deserve their own Top 10 list, and we’ll be exploring them in a separate article. For now, here’s a list of some of the best movie based titles from the early days of gaming.

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