Young & Hungry Interview with Gabi Moskowitz


Young & Hungry is probably one of my favorite shows on television right now. The jokes are funny, the characters are lively and dynamic, and the overall story line is entertaining. If you love cooking, romance, and some sassy humor, then I suggest you binge-watch the first season and part one of season two before part two premieres on August 19 on ABC Family.

We had the lovely opportunity to chat with Gabi Moskowitz, who is one of the producers on the show. She got to tell us what it is like working with the cast of Young & Hungry and so much more.

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First, please describe Young & Hungry in three words for people who have yet to watch it.

Hilarious, sweet, delicious!

What is it like having an ABC Family show loosely based on your life? What parts of your life cross over into the show?

At first it was very exciting and very weird! Now, it’s just a ton of fun. Gabi Diamond and I have some similarities (name, hair color, city, profession, smart and sassy BFF), but we’re also very different. Gabi Diamond wears much cuter clothing in the kitchen than I do (OMG, those heels!), and unlike her, I never worked for a super-hot tech guy (and I never had any sort of romance with anyone I worked for). But we’re both driven, dedicated chefs who want to make something of ourselves.

What are some of your favorite things about working with the cast and being on set?

As someone who grew up doing live theater, being on set is incredibly fun. The actors totally feed off of the audience’s energy, and it makes each take better than the next. The cast and crew are really like a family, and everyone is always thrilled to be there. It’s amazing. I also love that Josh’s apartment set features a real live kitchen. When Emily Osment is making him food on the show, she’s often doing real cooking!

Young & Hungry is full of lively, eccentric, and unique supporting characters. Are these based on people you know? If not, which of these characters would you love to know in real life?

Sofia is a lot like my best friend Caitlin–smart, funny, and very responsible. I don’t think she’s specifically based on Caitlin, but she sure reminds me of her! I’m particularly fond of Yolanda and Elliot–I could listen to their hilarious banter for hours.

Gabi Diamond had to make a few big decisions throughout season one and two, and I imagine you feel a deep connection to the character. Did you agree with all of the decisions she makes?

100%. I loved that Gabi put herself and her future before guys. She’s a bold risk taker, and I love that. She has so much heart.

In season one, there was a lot of back and forth between Team Josh and Team Cooper. So were you Team Josh or Team Cooper?

Definitely team Josh. Cooper is sweet, and yes, Josh is a little bit of a hot mess with his history with Caroline, but I truly believe he and Gabi have a deeper connection than Gabi did with Cooper. But, of course, it’s never that simple.

What can we expect for the rest of season two?

A ton of laughs, a little drama, and no shortage of food fun.

I love the concept of your blog, ‘BrokeAss Gourmet.’ What is the process like curating products and recipes that are delicious but fit in a reasonable budget? Have some of the recipes from your blog appeared on the show?

Thanks! I get inspired by food I eat in restaurants, mostly in San Francisco, and then I do my best to recreate it at home. Eating well on the cheap is actually much easier than you’d think. Just keep your pantry stocked with inexpensive basics (olive oil, beans, rice, pasta, and spices), and then augment them with a few fresh ingredients (a piece of fish or meat, some fresh veggies). I like to write about food that is inexpensive to make and easy to prepare. My grilled cheese appeared on the first episode!

For anyone trying to make it the food and/or blogging scene, what is the best advice you ever received and would like to impart on newbies?

Content is king. You can tweet and Instagram until the cows come home, but if you don’t have great content on your blog, it won’t survive. Focus on creating a website that people are excited to keep checking out. Fill it with great writing, beautiful photos, and helpful links. That’s my recipe for blogging success.

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