Wizard World Exclusive: Bruce Campbell

By now, we’ve all barely started feeling like humans again after recovering from the four-five days’ worth of Wizard World Chicago activities we took part in. Now let’s recap what we learned, and who better to start off with than the person who dominated the convention and the horror film festival: Bruce Campbell. I got a chance to have a very brief conversation with the horror hero himself.


Jon Espino: You and the Raimi brothers have had a long history of working together on films and now on the upcoming Starz show, Ash vs Evil Dead. Any film collaborations in the future?

Bruce Campbell: We have this awesome show coming out around Halloween called Ash vs Evil Dead. Have you heard of it? But no, we’re too busy working on the show. It takes every moment of our time to put a TV show on the air.

JE: You’re launching season two of your game show Last Fan Standing and just opened up another Kickstarter to get it funded. What should we expect in season two?

BC: Trivia. Everyone loves trivia. Trivial Pursuit, you know, these games have been around forever. We’re just focusing it more for people in fantasty, sci-fi, horror, in more of the genre stuff.

JE: So the contests will really have to be the best of the best.

BC: Oh yeah. So if you know your trivia, this show is not going to make you look stupid because we’re not that smart.

JE: The trivia host is a newer role for you. How do you feel revisiting your old role as Ash?

BC: Ash is an idiot and that’s why he is so much fun to play. Sure, maybe he’s not the best guy to take care of the end of the world, but he’s the only guy we’ve got.

JE: With season one of Ash on the way, what is the likelihood of there will be a season two?

BC: When you get started on a show, you should have at least five years of material. Whether we’ll be on that long, I don’t know. That’s for the fans and ratings to decide. But the funny thing is that people just have never shut up about Evil Dead. No matter what other things I worked on, people would always come up to me and say, “That’s nice. So when are we getting some MORE Evil Dead?” Now you’re getting more Evil Dead and everyone is still asking the same question. You people are insatiable!

JE: Last and probably the most important question: Can you say “groovy” for me?

BC: No.


I’ll agree that we’re insatiable, especially when it comes to the Evil Dead franchise. With the new show right around the corner, we can’t get enough of the new trailers or any footage we can get our hands on. Here is an inside look on the set of the show. Pay close attention to the monsters, because they look terrifyingly amazing with a whimsical del Toro feel to them.

Even if Bruce wouldn’t say it, I will. That was groovy, but there was something else that was much more groovy happening at Wizard World Chicago. For those of you that weren’t there, you missed an amazingly hilarious panel with the cast and crew of the first two Evil Dead films. The original scream queens (including Ted Raimi in his fat suit) told us stories about being on set, how impossible the fake blood was to get off of your skin, and even a brief talk about the psychology behind the films.

Evil Dead

If we’ve learned anything from these movies or films, it’s that nothing is ever really dead. They will always come back. Like I even need to say it, but don’t forget to watch Ash vs Evil Dead on October 31st on Starz.

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