TYF DC Debrief 11: A Death in the Bunker

Hey there, listeners! It’s time for another live stream of the TYF DC Debrief where we cover the latest happenings in DC live action superhero stories! This week we’re pretty pissed, and if you keep up with Arrow, you’ll surely know why.

Spoiler Alert

It pains me to say that the writers of Arrow have decided to rest their laurels on Katie Cassidy as the iconic superhero, the Black Canary, and we mourn the loss of one of the most wasted heroes we’ve ever seen on screen.

Check out my rant-y review from last week’s episode in question, and check out the podcast below to see us rant some more!

Otherwise during the week, Supergirl and The Flash both skipped a beat, and something happened on Legends of Tomorrow, but we decidedly didn’t talk about those.

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