Twelve of the Most Momentous Lines in “Mad Men” History

13With just two and a half weeks left of 2015, reminiscence is nearly involuntary. We celebrate with joy the triumphs of film and television, recalling directorial debuts that made our cheeks hurt from smiling or the long-overdue recognition our favorite television show received at an awards show. We ache with bittersweet remembrance as we think of the last moments of a trilogy or when a series’s credits rolled for the final time. It’s almost too much for our little hearts to take.

As 2015 wanes to start anew, it seems most appropriate to look back on a year of massive entertainment successes. My standout show this year (and favorite of all time) was Mad Men. The second half of its seventh season premiered April 5th of this year, concluding on May 17th. I was eight years late to the Mad Men party, and started watching the show just four days before its series finale. I blazed through 92 episodes in three weeks, a testament less so to my TV-watching abilities than to the magnetism of the show.

In a toast to one of television’s greatest, here are 12 of the most momentous lines in Mad Men history – one for each month of the year.  Pour a drink (perhaps an Old Fashioned, wink-wink), light up a Lucky Strike, and prepare to fall in love all over again.


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AJ Caulfield is a 22-year-old writer, massive goofball, and quite possibly Leslie Knope's long-lost twin. She's a big fan of 80's rock music, female-directed films, and Mad Men.