TV Review: The Vampire Diaries 8×02 “Today Will Be Different”

The Vampire Diaries -- "Hello Brother" --Image Number: VD801b_0304.jpg -- Pictured: Paul Wesley as Stefan -- Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Vampire Diaries — “Hello Brother” –Image Number: VD801b_0304.jpg — Pictured: Paul Wesley as Stefan — Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

In this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries we get our first taste of hell with the introduction of its mistress itself, a mysterious symbol connected to an ancient artifact and, surprisingly, some hope on the horizon for two of our characters.   

Enzo and Bonnie disrupted by a siren

While Elena and Damon is known for being the shows great, epic romance, starting this week Bonnie and Enzo are becoming the couple we are shipping and rooting for. This week’s episode starts with Damon and Enzo at a gun show fishing for more victims for siren Sybil to feed off of and drag down to hell. Damon seems to have mastered the art of not caring while Enzo just looks sick of the whole situation.

The two lead an unsuspecting salesman into the hotel pool where Sybil, enjoying an afternoon swim, sings her seductive song seducing the man into the pool where she puts him into a trance and calmly drowns him (because she read on the internet that killing chickens calmly produces the best flavor) until Damon informs her that all of her victims prior died painful deaths and,0 just like that, the man is awoken and dies a painful death.

Sybil is an interesting character, and so far, the most evil the show has gone. She has not a shred of humanity and wants Damon and Enzo to be exactly like her and have fun time tearing their victims apart. Her main goal in this episode was to get inside Enzo’s head, something she has not been unable to accomplish and or figure out what kind of leverage she could have over him. While Enzo’s main desire is to protect Bonnie, the love of his life, another name pops up when Sybil is attempting to tap into his mind: Sarah Nelson (aka. Sarah Salvatore, Stefan and Damon’s last remaining relative).

Sybil’s plan is to kill any girl with that name until she eliminates the Sarah that plagues Enzo’s mind. Meanwhile Caroline, Stefan and Bonnie pick up their tracks when the murder of two girls (both Sarah Nelsons) pop up on their radar. Stefan quickly realizes that Sarah is in danger and they race to rescue her, but the later get to her first. Sarah though is not clueless, she stabs Damon with vervain knocking him out while Enzo brings her to her dorm to help her pack her things and get her out of town.

Caroline, Stefan and Bonnie are waiting for them though leading to an awkward reunion between Bonnie and Enzo considering he won’t even look her in the eyes. Enzo attempts to get Bonnie to leave, but she’s tired of being pushed around, and frankly we are tired of seeing her be pushed around, so she takes charge knocking Enzo out with vervain and driving off with him.

Her plan, like many of her plans, does not work though. When Enzo wakes up the pull of the Sybil causes him excruciating pain and he is forced to leave Bonnie yet again. We find out later in the episode though, thanks to Damon and Sybil weakening him enough for her to get in his mind, that him and Bonnie had a passionate goodbye, one that may top Stelena or Delena’s most epic scenes.

The bad news though, Sybil finds out about Bonnie.

And even worse news, she manages to break into Damon’s mind too replacing all of his happy memories between him and Elena with happy memories of him and Sybil. Yuck. This also, unfortunately, leads to the death of Sarah when Sybil shows up at her dorm, seduces Stefan, stabs Sarah and Damon does nothing to stop it.

Georgie’s trip to hell and back

Breaking away from the Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, Enzo and Damon drama is Alaric and Georgie’s story-line exploring the origins of our main monster Sybil. Alaric is continuing balancing running The Armory, managing his interns and making sure his twins and their babysitter Selene stay safe with trying to figure out what Sybil is, how she can control minds and how she got out of the vault with Damon and Enzo in the first place.

Georgie doesn’t seem to believe in the supernatural until Alaric pulls out a book documenting that The Armory received a shipment of a mysterious artifact in 1790 from Mystic Falls and on the page is a devilish symbol that causes cocky tough-girl Georgie to run out of the room near tears.

We find out that Georgie has been to hell and back, literally.

A few years ago she was driving her best-friend home from a party while intoxicated. They got into a bad car accident resulting in both of their deaths. Georgie was saved in time though by paramedics, but what she saw while flat-lined has haunted her and caused her to dedicate her life to research. She looked into hell and back seeing the same symbol in the book, and she knows that she will be going to hell after she dies for what she did to her best-friend showing us the same lack of hope that has formed in Damon.

It doesn’t end there for Georgie though, after Alaric goes home to his kids she uncovers the artifact with the matching symbol. A pitch-fork-like staff, that she believes, was forged in hell.

A light at the end of a dark tunnel

While everything that happened in his episode seemed to be all doom and gloom and bringing us closer to an encounter with the devil himself, it ended on a surprisingly sweet note. Stefan comes home from a long day of watching his only surviving niece die and his brother loose himself completely, but Caroline is there for him. His mood changes completely and he brings Caroline upstairs, in the Salvatore boarding house where she is now living, and shows her that he has been building and expanding a room for Caroline’s children to stay in when they come and visit her.

And if that wasn’t enough to make you smile, Caroline opens the dressier drawer to find this.



Stefan proposes to her with a huge ring in the most adorably awkward way possible because Caroline just can’t wrap her head around that fact that she is getting proposed to. It’s a great way to end such a dark and devilish episode, but weddings on television (Alaric and Jo, Game of Thrones…) tend to make the aisle as bloody as possible, so hopefully The Vampire Diaries will make this ceremony have only a few bumps in the road for our favorite couple.

Rating: 9/10

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