TV Review: The Carrie Diaries- 1×11 “Identity Crisis”


Carrie takes a little trip down identity theft lane in S01E11 of The Carrie Diaries- “Identity Crisis”. While in today’s day and age we might view this as a felony, in Carrie-land the hilarious consequences gives Carrie her very own “get-out-of-jail-for-free” card.

While most people rather spend Spring Break on vacation or sleeping, Carrie is one of those weird people that actually like to work. She looks forward to spending the week with Interview magazine. That is until she accidentally promises to have Larissa deliver something to Andy Warhol (fun fact: he founded Interview). Unfortunately, Larissa is MIA so it’s up to Carrie to pick up and deliver the package or else face Andy Warhol’s monochromatic wrath. Since boutique owners don’t actually care about about high-schoolers with big hair, they end up blowing Carrie off. Not to be deterred off her path of serving the pop artist, Carrie takes it upon herself to pretend to be Larissa.

What follows is a series of hijinks where Carrie is bribed with clothes by boutique owners and ends up getting vases thrown at her by a crazy Quaalude-influenced woman. When she finally gets the package, she has trouble delivering it when her someone realizes that the real Larissa Loughlin is an entirely different nationality and ethnicity than the American blonde pretending to be her. I would’ve thought that with someone as enigmatic as Larissa people everywhere would know what she looks like; especially owners of high-end boutiques. Carrie deserved all those clothes they offered her with if she managed to fool them with her faux British accent.

I had mentioned a few weeks ago about how if Walt were to come out this season he deserves to have his own episode. I also mentioned about how in all probability his coming out confession would end up being a b/c-storyline to one of Carrie’s shenanigans, and I was right. His confession happened in the last 10 minutes of the episode with absolutely no build-up. It was like an after-thought, which was disappointing. While I’m happy that Walt is finally coming to terms with his sexuality it just seemed a little flat. The writers could have easily cut out one of the many story-lines in this episode in order to give Walt more screen time and to really flesh out his story. Cutting out the bit with crazy Quaalude lady would have been a nice start or even that weird scene of Sebastian overhearing his parents having sex. That whole storyline should have been moved to another episode. Everyone’s story-lines just seemed thrown together in weirdly edited parts and then strung together with the broad idea of “Identity”. It just made for a very messy episode.


Rating: 4.75/10

Here’s the promo for next week’s episode 1×12 “A First Time for Everything”

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