TV Review: The 100 (3×03) “Ye Who Enter Here”

Cate Cameron/The CW

Cate Cameron/The CW

A quick rundown of the episode while I fill in for regular reviewer Ivanna this week.

There were a lot of individual moments that I enjoyed about this weeks episode even if a lot of the quick plot development came off as forced when we start to realize where the show runners want the characters to be. Jasper, Monty and Lincoln sit this week out as the characters find themselves split into two spots: the Capital and a refurbished Mount Weather. Echo, who Bellamy met last season while being help captive in Mount Weathers labs, comes and warns him and Octavia that the Coalition that Kane and Abby are going to is a set up. The Blakes, Echo and Pike go on a rescue mission only to realize that they’ve been unfortunately played and that the real target is Mt. Weather which is soon after blown up by an Ice Nation assassin with Raven and Sinclair being the only survivors.

The 100 lives and breathers by the characters relationships and they’re at the heart of the episode as some are beginning to tether as others strengthen. The big focal point of the episode is the dynamic between former almost lovers Clarke and Lexa, both of whom clearly still have some sort of unresolved feelings for one another. I’d like to believe that Clarke has more up her sleeve at agreeing to stand by Lexa’s side and bow to her, uniting her people with Lexa’s armies and created a stronger, united front against the Ice Nation. I’m still waiting though for Lexa to becomes a more interesting character beyond her relation to Clarke. The episode does a good job in introducing that intriguie with two key moments. The first being Lexa kicking a delegate who spoke against her out the window of her tower, demonstrating her ruthlessness as a leader. The second was when in a private moment she bowed to Clarke in a tender scene, she too pledging her allegiance as well to the girl who’s given Lexa the appearance of utmost power.

Elsewhere other lesser seen relationships continue to grow with Abby and Kane’s partnership in a vastly different place then it was when we first we introduced to the two characters in season two. It’s a testament to the character building that none of their interactions feel forced. Kane in particular is a joy to watch as is his friendship with Indra who even smiles when she seems him this week, all of i based on his willingness to listen and to learn.

Raven’s storyline allows for screentime with Sinclair, a character who is usually only seen shuffling after Abby so it’s a welcome change of pace. Raven is still dealing with her chronic pain and is easily irritable. Sinclair’s comfort of Raven toward the end of the episode as he tells her to look at all that’s going on around her as a project to overcome was nice characterization for both and Lindsay Moegan in particular is strong this week. The scene where Sinclair chases down the Ice Nation assassin is stress inducing as it’s not that far fetched to believe that he’s about to bit it, making Raven’s saving him at the last minute all the more satisfying. Not satisfying? Gina, Bellamy’s love interest, tragically dying (along with the rest of Mount Weather) in what seems like a move to push Bellamy into man pain territory. It stings more considering we hardly were given time to get to know the character.

I’ve already been growing concerned about where they’re going with Bellamy’s storyline-what with him and Octavia already being at slight odds-his friendship with Pike and his killing of the guards. This seems like it’s going to be his push into fighting alongside Pike against the grounders, a storyline I’m sure I’m excited about after all the growth the character has had over the past two seasons.

I continue to be impressed by the set design  and stylish film-making that the series has to offer. The shot of Bellamy, Octavia, Echo and Pike rushing down the underground tunnel was beautifully composed. Even when I don’t agree with a character motive, this world is so lived in, the characters so rich and finely developed by the performers that I’m never anything less than engaged. Trouble is brewing and it feels like at only episode four something big is about to happen.


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  • Jamesw2

    If you are only going to have one scene make it your death scene. Mount Weather had to go as it would give too much of a tactical advantage to anyone who occupied it. Unfortunately for the Arkers the what seemed to be the safest place turned out to be a trap. Now everyone is on the ground.