TV Review: Teen Wolf (5×08) “Ouroboros”

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Teen Wolf continues to miss the point in what makes it interesting. I fear how repetitive I’ve become, but this show’s issues are frustratingly redundant, and rather than learning from their mistakes, they continue to build on them. These are the two narratives that make this a strong enough episode to keep me from dismissing it in its entirety.

Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa.

Scott’s breakdown.

Both are so deeply based in characters we know well, characters we’ve seen grow into the people they are today that it’s refreshing almost to see their storylines take place. Hayden and Liam take up so much time in the episode facing the same problems with the same outcomes that it’s a relief to see the familiar faces, the ones that we have emotional ties to and care about. For a second this season I cared about Liam when they tried to give him a less-angsty, Jackson-inspired personality, but that care vanished once he became completely centered on Hayden and their pre-pubescent romance.

The story with the Sheriff and Melissa is the strongest aspect of the episode because as viewers we understand both characters’ points of view. When is the point where the Sheriff as a part of law enforcement needs to draw the line in terms of who and what they bring to justice? Arresting Kira is a drastic move, and it’s a desperate one, but it’s made through human emotion. He’s tired of seeing these teens being needlessly killed and has the best intentions in saving their lives, even if it doesn’t go as planned.

Melissa has a more realistic viewpoint concerning the supernatural elements part of their lives now. She believes in Scott and his pack, believes that they can come to a solution and figure out the Dread Doctors and save the day. She believes they need time and that the Sheriff is taking it away from them. The two have for so long been allies of sorts, on the outside looking in as their kids risk their lives on a day to day basis. The episode ends with the Sheriff being suspicious of his son and Melissa seeing that even Scott is breaking due to the amount of stress he’s under. Neither get the outcome they were hoping for.

Scott doesn’t have his mom’s faith in him this episode as everything and everyone begins to fall to pieces around him. Theo saves the day by rescuing Liam and Hayden after Scott’s botched attempts at doing the same. Kira leaves town after realizing she too has been affected by the Dread Doctors, and his pack seems to be splintering. He’s losing control, he’s losing his pack, and he’s no closer to solving the Dread Doctor mystery. He’s at a complete loss of what to do. This inspires not only Tyler Posey’s best work on the show to date, but also the best character moment for Scott that the show has had in a while. Sure, the stakes are relatively low since we know he won’t go for long in this state (he’s a “True Alpha” after all), but it’s interesting to watch it play out, and it gives Posey more to work with than he’s typically given.

We need a reminder every once in a while that despite his powers, Scott is a teenager too.

It’s a shame the episode couldn’t all be as riveting, even with Stiles and Lydia discovering what has been happening with the bodies at the end of the episode. We’re eight episodes into the front half of season five, and little has been resolved or explained and the buildup has been sporadic at best. Emotions are looking to be running a bit high come next week if the previews are anything to go by, so here’s hoping we’ll finally feel anything optimistic with two episodes left before the break.


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