TV Review: Scream (1×07) “In the Trenches”


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Last night on Scream: the killer finds a new game, several people throw caution to the wind and go off on their own, and someone dies in a horrific manner. LET’S GO.

The Set-Up

School: Emma’s focus on her new boo Kieran doesn’t stop her from asking Brooke and Jake about Will’s absence. Jake spills about blackmailing Mayor Brooke’s Dad to Emma, filling in some important details he left out when he told Brooke, like the fact that he was the one spearheading this operation.

Piper gives them a heads up about last episode’s attack—I find this suspicious, since a normal person would go to the police instead of Will’s ex-girlfriend to deal with this sort of thing. She escorts them to the abandoned building, where the Killer has left a message: “NO COPS EMMA.” Dun dun dun.

The Dream Team Expands

Killer call! Killer wants to play hide and seek, just like Daisy and Brandon–Emma has to find Will before he bites it. Emma gets Noah to trace Will’s phone, and our partial Dream Team is joined by Jake and Brooke. Jake even brings his own weapons to the party! He’s an idiot, but he’s the only one who considered bringing something with which to defend himself, so I might have to reassess my feelings.

The Newly Expanded Dream Team goes into the abandoned bowling alley and immediately splits into Emma/Noah and Brooke/Jake. Personally, I would have kept the group of four together, but who am I to decide? Noah thinks that the Killer is Jake and pontificates on the motivations behind the games with Emma, while Jake thinks that the Killer is Noah and calls Brooke out on her affair with Branson.

Meanwhile, at the Duvall House

Time for an awkward Duvall-Hudson family dinner! Kieran is feeling Emma’s absence, as he is the one left sitting with the lovebird parents answering questions. “Awkward family time was your mom’s idea,” he says when he calls Emma. With her mom under the impression that she’s at Audry’s, Kieran agrees to cover for her. When Maggie insists that Emma should be there, Kieran jumps to pick her up so that Emma’s mother doesn’t call her.

The Killer Appears!

The Killer surprises Brooke, confirming that this was, in fact, a trap. FYI, the Killer’s tendency to move at a snail’s pace in this show isn’t creepy, it’s just lazy. Brooke easily escapes. Noah and Emma find Will unconscious and strung up by the wrists. The Killer has left “B4” carved into Will’s back (are we playing bingo?) and Emma finds cassette tape wrapped in Brandon James’ old time card. Emma, of course, goes off on her own to listen to the tape. She hears her father’s voice saying, “I know I hurt her, but how could she sleep with that monster?” It appears as if Maggie cut some of the story out.

Brooke and Noah open the door to see the killer AGAIN! Making no moves and pretending he’s not there. I imagine that they were just sitting on the other side of the door waiting for the gang to open it, which makes this even less scary. Noah and Brooke leave the injured Will to make sure the Killer doesn’t get through the door. Nice one, y’all. Will somehow manages to also tackle the Killer before they attack Emma. Fairly impressive for someone who may or may not be bleeding out.

The Killer stabs Jake in the heart region, but fails to deliver a killing blow. The Killer takes their sweet time running out when the police arrive. “It’s like he disappeared into thin air!” One of them says with awe, after watching the Killer run out the back. I have very little faith in this police force, except for Sheriff Hudson.

Aftermath, and Shit Gets Real

Back at Chez Duvall, Kieran confronts Emma about not informing him of her mission to save Will from the Killer’s clutches. “I couldn’t have asked you to save my ex from a masked killer!” she says. He argues that she could have, and leaves her to sort out her feelings. Will calls her to come over and watch The Expendables with him and his mom. “On our second date, I took you to Indian food and you curry-burped your way through The Maze Runner,” he says, confirming his identity. The nostalgia factor is enough to get Emma over there, disappointingly.

Killer call! Just as Emma arrives at Will’s house, she gets new instructions: come find the Killer, not Will. “I wanted you to have some pride; instead, you forgave all his lies,” our Killer says, sounding like a country music song. She runs to the backyard. Upon seeing Will tied up in front of some large, dangerous farming equipment that is moving closer to him. She tries to run to Will, tripping a wire. I wasn’t sure why she wasn’t moving until she was sprayed steadily with blood–the trip wire triggered the release of the equipment, and it appears that Will met an awful end while Emma looked on in horror. WOW. They seriously went there.

Random Facts Noted:

  • Branson is noticeably absent from school.
  • Brooke confronted her father about her suspicions regarding her mother and he gave her the runaround.
  • Detective Brock is off the murder cases, for reasons unexplained.
  • Audry thinks the incident is enough to take Will and Jake off the suspect list, but Noah doesn’t agree. Well, he didn’t before Will bit it.

Wow, Scream. You did the damn thing. The episode was chugging along its usual non-murder-y course until BAM. Horrifying, bloody death. Extra points for style. As for the rest of it, they’re doing a decent job of seeding information about the past rather than info-dumping it these days. There’s a little too much of the teenagers running off alone without involving the police–it once again calls to mind Pretty Little Liars rather than the source material. In the Scream movies, the only times Sidney and the gang went off on their own was when it was unexpected or unavoidable. The behavior of Emma and the gang is just reckless and stupid. Let’s see if Will’s death changes their activities–Riley’s death changed them, but I have a feeling that Will’s will be another turning point for the show.

Best Line: “Write your blood type on your boots and leave your letters to your loved ones. Let’s shake it, Jake.”– Jake, after Noah expresses hesitation about knowingly entering the Killer’s trap.

Killer Calls Per Episode: 2

Body Count Per Episode: 1

Cumulative Body Count: 5

Episode Rating: 8/10

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