TV Review: Scream (1×06) “Betrayed”


This week on Scream: Detective Brock names Audry their principal suspect, so Emma and Noah obstruct justice in a big way to clear her name. Mayor Brooke’s Dad continues to be shady, but no one seems concerned enough to go to the police. Will decides to betray Jake and come clean about Nina’s blackmail ring, but that may or may not lead to his untimely death. We shall see!

It Was All a Dream

Emma is more than okay with the fact that she and Kieran just had sex in the woods. I have an issue with this because EW, bugs. She asks him to take her to Brandon’s house RIGHT NOW so she can face her fears. Um, going to an abandoned house in the middle of the night when a serial killer is on the loose seems like a terrible idea. Caution isn’t cowardly here; it’s smart.

At Chez Brandon, Kieran disappears and the killer attacks Emma! That’s when I realize it’s a dream; after two weeks of non-action, they’re not going to throw an attack at the protagonist within the first five minutes. The Killer unmasks herself after stabbing Emma, revealing that it’s…Emma. Dream status: confirmed. My question: does this mean that she and Kieran never went shooting in the woods and hooked up?

At school, Emma tells Kieran that she caught his dad doing the walk of shame out of her house that morning. Kieran asks, “Did you guys make some sort of weird mother-daughter sex bet?” Well, I guess that was them confirming that Kieran and Emma did hook up. Also, Kieran says weird things.

A Note About the Skeezy Teacher

Seth Branson as they know him doesn’t exist–and as Noah points out, you don’t change your name unless you have something to hide. I’m going to bet that Mr. Branson changed his name to get away from a student-teacher affair scandal that he went through at his last school, if his activities are any indication. Noah and Audry discuss the possibility that Nina was pulling his strings, and in the end determine that just about everyone is a suspect. Great! Noah uses a fingerprint app on Branson for later sleuthing.

It Could Be: Audry

Detective Brock finds Audry’s DNA all up in the mask, making her the new prime suspect. Audry is brought in to answer questions about the video project she was doing with Rachel and her whereabouts on the night that Nina was killed. Sheriff Hudson thankfully busts in, telling Brock she can’t question Audry without a parent or guardian present. THANK YOU!

When the adults leave, a terrified Audry calls Emma in anticipation of Brock’s search warrant. She asks Emma to find her September 30th SD card and erase it without watching its contents. Emma hesitates, but she and Noah go off to Audry’s house to obstruct justice.

When they recover the SD card, Noah is ready to destroy it, but the fact that Emma hasn’t received any calls since Audry’s been in jail gives her pause. She decides that they have to watch it before they obstruct justice. The video, taken by Rachel, features Audry ranting and raving the night that Nina posted the video. She says, “Karma doesn’t just happen–sometimes you have to take it into your own hands.” The intensity of her anger scares Noah, but this time, Emma is sure it can’t be what it looks like.

Maggie to the Rescue

After Emma explains her conflicting feelings about Audry-as-suspect, Maggie takes her to visit her parents’ old house. She explains that Brandon was her neighbor and that they were childhood friends who left little gifts and notes for each other. She isn’t sure that Brandon killed Kevin’s friends–he was terrified when he met her on the dock. She’s always kicked herself for not defending him to the police, so if Emma isn’t sure that Audry killed Ninat, she needs to speak up.

Emma tells Brock that Audry hated Nina and wanted to hurt her, but she didn’t kill her. Emma lies, claiming that she visited Audry that night to admit her part in the viral video. When Audry goes free, she explains keeping the video as a reminder to never get that angry ever again. She also wanted to keep it because it’s one of the last videos she has of Rachel, which is interesting because Rachel doesn’t come into the frame.

An Unexpected Alliance

“The problem with being a nice guy is that screw-ups look so much worse on you because you’re decent,” Piper Shaw says to Will, who’s waiting for Emma at the cafe. I wouldn’t call Will a “nice guy,” but I get that Piper might be stretching the truth to manipulate him just a bit. She proposes a mutually beneficial arrangement: he gives her the real story on Nina, she gives him the opportunity to create his own redemption arc on her podcast.

Will meets up with Mayor Brooke’s dad to give back the money and the last copy of the video, officially washing his hands of the blackmail situation. Mayor Brooke’s dad confirms that he didn’t watch the video, then reaches for his gun. Will puts his hands up and says, “I really don’t want to die for doing the right thing,” which works surprisingly well. Mayor Brooke’s dad takes his leave and Piper, who was listening from the other room, comes out to discuss with Will. The Killer surprises them, slashing Will and knocking Piper to the ground. The last thing we see is the Killer dragging Will offscreen. Things look bleak…I won’t be that sad.

Another week without a death, another week without calls from the Killer. Scream, it’s kind of embarrassing that you call yourself a horror show. Everyone is acting pretty blase about things like a serial killer being on the loose and their mayor’s proclivity for violence. You’re involving Piper more in the plot, but Kieran is still off to the side, randomly saying weird things. Maybe next week.

Best Line: I have to give it to Kieran’s “Did you guys make some sort of weird mother-daughter sex bet?” Who lets this kid talk?

Killer Calls Per Episode: Zero. Emma gets one in a dream, but that doesn’t count.

Body Count: Zero, again. Scream, you best be planning a full-on third act bloodbath if you’re still planning on comparing yourself to a slasher movie.

Cumulative Body Count: Four, still.

Episode Rating: 5/10.

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