TV Review: Once Upon a Time 4×21 “Mother”


I want to start off by saying that I am SO happy this season is finally making a turn around. I was about to bail at the beginning and now that we’re reaching the end, I kind of just can’t stop loving it again. It’s still not that “honeymoon relationship” it was back in the day, but it’s still great, nonetheless.

Colin O’ Donoghue has a couple more lines this time around, which made me happy. In a romantic scene, he is sitting with Emma and asking her to look at the horizon. “I thought you’d might find it calming.” He says, ever so beautifully. He is trying to convince Emma to forgive her parents because he’s just the absolute best.

We get a little Glimpse of Regina’s past again; her mom tries to find her the soulmate with the tattoo from old episodes (who actually is Robin) but tricks her into meeting another guy. This is because Cora wants Regina to have children. As a form of protest, Regina makes a potion that will not allow her to have children. I didn’t feel as though that was necessary, but I could imagine it might become a bigger issue in season 5.

A part that really excited me–and I don’t know if it makes me a bad person to say this–was when Rumple was dying. If you’ve read my reviews, you know I can’t stand the guy one bit. So, when Regina took the quill and the author, leaving him lying on the floor with his black heart, I couldn’t help but be joyous. I knew better though, it couldn’t be that easy. WILL HE EVER DIE?

See, the author betrayed us all. I was rooting for the poor dude. I even felt a little sympathy for him but when he joins Rumple again, I begin to develop trust issues. Especially so, when he begins to write a new story; a story where the villains FINALLY win and if you’ve seen the previews, the villains definitely do in the season finale.

As for Emma and her daddy/mommy issues, she finally forgives her parents after Lilly turns into a dragon and almost kills Snow White. David smiles up at Hook and it’s just the cutest moment, you guys.

Thanks to her past with her mother, Regina finally realizes that her happy ending isn’t love or Robin, it’s being at peace with herself. So, instead of her original plan to have the author erase Zelena from the whole story, she decides to let her stay, pregnant and all. That was probably my favorite scene because it was an epiphany and she still had Robin’s support and they had a totally romantic and loving moment.

ouat robin n regina

I have a feeling next week’s episode will be different and totally unpredictable. Although it’s evident that the villains get their happy endings, will it stay that way? It can’t possibly.

We will see.

PS: Sean Maguire who plays Robin is my new eye-candy. Just thought that was necessary to include.

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