TV Review: Once Upon a Time (4×19) “Sympathy for the De Vil”


I have to say, this weeks episode of Once Upon a Time was probably one of the most interesting ones that I’ve seen in a while. Just when I thought the show was losing what was great about it, it proves me wrong all over again.

This episode mainly focuses on that evil SOB Cruella. We find out that her and the author have a past and then at the some point, we really start to feel for the author and we root for him. As for Cruella, we just hate her more.

Something different about this villain is that she isn’t evil because she had a shitty past like Regina, Ursula, and others did. That’s what I loved about it. Cruella was born with evil in her. She poisoned her father and a bunch of her mothers husbands and that’s why, at some point during the throwback, she is locked in her room and isn’t allowed to get out.

A lot of people figured Cruella was another damsel in distress with the terrible mother but it turned out to be the complete opposite, which was actually a really surprising plot twist. So, one day, the author comes looking for a story to write for the newspaper and Cruella says she’s give him one—if he lets her out of that room.

So, of course he does. They go out dancing and they talk. She tells him a bunch of secrets (which are all lies) and he tells her things to. He tells her about realms and how he can make things happen by writing them. He tells her about the pen and how, if the ink spilled out of it, there’s no telling what can happen. She doesn’t believe him obviously, but then he writes about a necklace and diamond earrings and they suddenly appear on her body. He’s really digging her now, that’s why he shares all his secrets.

Stupid and naïve, the author gives her the key to his car. “It’s yours now.” And then waits for her in his hotel. When it’s Cruella’s mom who knocks on his door and reveals everything, we find out she’s evil and that she stole the pen.

Evil SOB (her new nickname from me) kills her mother after this, because she’s magical and shit now. Then she has a confrontation with the author and somehow, the ink spills on her and turns her from beautiful blonde to the chick with the weird eyebrows and hair. If that’s not enough though, the author writes her a terrible ending or at least one that will help stop her.

In present time, the Charming’s find the author and the author shows them the page he had written about Cruella. It basically said that Cruella could no longer kill anyone.


Our other parts of the episode focus on Emma turning dark and she kind of does. Cruella kidnaps poor little Henry (Remember Henry? I forgot he existed honestly) and says that Henry won’t die if the author does but once Emma and the gang (Regina and Hook) find Cruella, Emma PUSHES her off a cliff and kills her. This is our indication that she is turning dark, obviously.So now we’re left wondering about Emma’s faith. Also, now that Emma will actually be the main focus of the episodes, will we get more of Hook? Because, damn. I miss when that dude had more than three lines a month.

Thoughts on the episode?

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