TV Review: Girl Meets World (3×19) “World Meets Girl”

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“I want the audience to be included in one of our episodes–and this is the one,” Girl Meets World creator Michael Jacobs says, opening this special episode. Rather than a traditionally scripted episode of television, this week’s Girl Meets World provided a sneak peek of the cast behind the scenes and some of the fans from around the world.

To begin, stars Rowan Blanchard (Riley Matthews) and Sabrina Carpenter (Maya Hart) take the audience through the set and backstage. They show off the cast’s study rooms–two, because otherwise they all talk to each other too much–which they’ve decorated with fan art, fan letters, and behind-the-scenes photos from Boy Meets World. Their studio teacher Wesley Staples insisted on carving out a space for them to learn, since eventually they would miss learning and would need a sanctuary to do so.

While the girls get ready in hair and makeup, Corey Fogelmanis (Farkle Minkus), Peyton Meyer (Lucas Friar), and Amir Mitchell-Townes (Zay Babineaux) take the audience through the prop room, where they find a myriad of props, including the talking tater tot from one of the Halloween episodes. The boys eat donuts and discuss the girls.

For the second half, the entire main cast sits with a live audience. Rather than take questions from this audience, the cast picks people to ask questions to, which is different. At the end, Rowan and Sabrina take sets of best friends to the bay window and many heart-to-hearts are had.

Normally, I would say this episode is a nice thought, though I found it unnecessarily long (it’s a double episode) and doesn’t feature enough “behind-the-scenes” content. Truly, most of it is devoted to showcasing fans, which is great for fan service, but not so good entertainment-wise. However, with the news that Girl Meets World has been canceled by the Disney Channel (with no discernable reason in sight), this episode is pretty depressing, especially when Rowan and Sabrina are discussing how much they all love working with one another. Lovely, but bittersweet.

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