TV Review: Girl Meets World (2×12) “Girl Meets Yearbook”


It’s yearbook time over at John Quincy Adams Middle School! Didn’t they just start a new school year at the beginning of the season? Is it the end of the year already? Farkle is voted Most Likely to Be Farkle, Riley is voted Most Likely to Smile Herself to Death, and Lucas is voted Most Likely to Be Okay with Anything that Ever Happened. Lucas is at peace with his label, but Riley and Farkle are about to reinvent themselves.

Cory’s class: this week, we’re talking Iceland vs. Greenland, and how a bunch of Vikings flipped the names so that no one would try to take over the beautiful greenery of Iceland. Lesson: “People are always going to say stuff. How you react to what they say is what makes you who you are.” Farkle has become “Donnie Barnes, Regular Guy,” but Riley’s not ready to throw the towel in just yet. That is, until the class reveals that they voted Maya and Lucas Cutest Couple.

“Hey Riley, funny question, have you seen everything black I own?” Topanga asks, walking into Riley’s dark room. Riley has become Morocia M. Black, whose new favorite activity is pondering the futility of caring. Maya is determined to return Riley and Donnie to their former selves.

Maya asks Katie to help her turn into Riley so someone can fix her friends. When Katie explains that she has to get into Riley’s soul, Morocia speaks up: “My soul motel has no vacancy; it is fully occupied by scary Jack-o-lanterns and candy corn.” Topanga laughs, noting that dark Riley is scraping the bottom of the Halloween barrel. Since Morocia won’t change back to Riley, Maya will take over the role. Katie warns her that stepping into Riley’s shoes might show Maya something about her friend that even Riley doesn’t know about herself yet.

The kids inspire Katie and Topanga’s talk about discovering their identities. “I was weird, Cory was celery,” Topanga explains. Katie explains that if you have deep feelings for people, you can’t step into their shoes because you’re too close. Topanga helps along a revelation when she asks Katie to impersonate Shawn and she can’t do it.

Seeing Maya-as-Riley in Cory’s classroom pushes Lucas over the edge and he demands his friends back. The class doesn’t care who plays Riley, as long as she’s there. Maya-as-Riley starts stream of consciousness word vomiting, leading to her realization that Riley thinks of Lucas as a brother. No one else picks up on the words that came out of her mouth, apparently. More on that later in the season, I’m sure.

Maya convinces Morocia to turn back into Riley so she can get Farkle back. Farkle declares that he loves them no matter who they need to be. They don’t have to call him Donnie Barnes anymore, but he’s going to change and wants them to love him however he is while he’s figuring out who he is.

Girl Meets World caused a fair amount of laughter this time around. Donnie Barnes and Morocia were quite the alter-egos.  It looks like they’re officially moving away from the whole Riley/Lucas thing. I’m curious to see where they’re taking Farkle’s character–I didn’t think I would like them taking away his Farkle-ness, but I’m intrigued by the turn of events for his character within the episode.

Boy Meets World Throwback Factor: I’ll give it a low rating for the celery comment, mostly because I laughed pretty hard.

Episode Rating: 9/10.

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