TV Review: “Girl Meets World” (2×06) “The Tell-Tale-Tot”


Girl Meets World has returned from its mini-hiatus (I will never understand why they did a week’s worth of new episodes only to take a two week break) to focus on a relationship we haven’t seen in awhile: Maya and Josh. I’m not a big Maya/Josh supporter—besides it being my undying wish that Maya and Farkle eventually fall deeply in love, Josh is too old for Maya. Someone getting ready to go to college shouldn’t be dating a middle schooler; there’s too much of an ick factor there.

“My strategy of turning into a total nutjob around him ain’t working as planned,” Maya explains, asking Riley for help in luring her uncle. Riley is convinced that it’s the age difference, not Maya’s personality, at fault here. When Josh comes with an envelope from NYU, Maya plays it cool until she ends up jumping on his back. “We regret to inform you…that you’ll be spending the next four years IN NEW YORK WITH MAYA!” Josh decides to celebrate at an NYU party, which Maya plans on crashing. Riley wants to go with her, but is distraught to find out that the party starts at ten. SAME, RILEY. Welcome to what will become your mid-twenties.

Cory’s class: this week’s lesson is about Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” as History has once again turned into Lit. Based on Cory’s in-class speech, this week’s life lesson is about listening to your conscience. Maya is testing Riley’s during dinner at the Apartment Matthews, seeing whether or not Riley can hack lying to her parents about the party by forcing her to each a tater tot stolen from Cory’s plate. A big tater tot appears over Riley’s shoulder to act as a beating heart, hereafter referred to as the Tater Tot of Guilt.


NYU: Maya sees Josh hanging out with two college girls, so she wants to go home. Riley shoves her forward. Josh is exasperated, but the girls find Maya’s bold behavior intriguing and invite her inside. Riley thinks this is a crush, but Maya refutes the claim. She knows Josh better than he thinks she does—after all, she knew that he drove all the way to New York from Philly to open his college acceptance letter with his brother and that even though he wants to stay at the party, he’ll end up walking the girls home. Josh isn’t prepared to listen, so of course the girls threaten him—if he doesn’t sit down and listen, she’ll tell every girl on campus that he belongs to “the bravest girl [she’s] ever known.” I really like that the college girls had Maya’s back rather than dismissing her.

The Matthews parents confront Riley and Maya about their college escapades. Maya informs them, actively making a choice to listen to her conscience in order to grow as a person and impressing Cory, Topanga, and Josh. She leaves with the Tator Tot of Guilt to tell her mother about past indiscretions.

This week’s episode of Girl Meets World was solid—ladies supporting ladies, great comic timing with Riley and her sorority speak, and several people saying Josh is too old for Maya. I do find it curious that they involved Tater Tot of Guilt—usually Girl Meets World stays in the real world, and a talking tater tot doesn’t really qualify there. Unless we’re saying that the girls are breaking with reality, which would bring us in a completely different direction entirely.

Boy Meets World Throwback Factor: NADA.

Rating: 7/10

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