TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2×20) “AC/DC”


“Welcome back to my weekly review and recap of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” To catch up on previous coverage, click here.”

Okay, first things first-a month and a half break is far too long for me to wait for this show to be back every Sunday.

It was a strong episode to get us well acquainted with the characters and storylines with a good mix of laughs and characterization. I even broke the three main storylines up for you!


I think this pairing may have become one of my favorites on the show. Melissa Fumero and Chelsea Peretti have a bizarre pair of energetic characters and the mix of Amy’s high-strung nature with Gina’s ego is made for comedy. Their friendship is also one of the more surprising developments of the show. Female friendships need to be more visible on television, and one of my favorite moments from this week’s episode was when Amy gave up, sat down on Captain Holts front step, and took a swing from her bottle of wine before passing it to Gina. It’s a small moment for a thin storyline but it was sweet and spoke to both the characters quirks-something that pops up often in this week’s episode. These characters are so richly defined at this point that not only do we accept whatever antics they get up to as simply their nature; we also can watch them interact and allow that to elevate a weaker storyline, which is something I thankful for in regards to the B storyline.

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