TV Review: Big Brother 17 (Week #8 & Rankings)

Another one bites the dust! The fallout from the double eviction has left its mark on the Big Brother 17 house. After both Shelli and Jackie were sent packing in last week’s shocking elimination, the houseguests had to pick up the pieces. Two people are gone, and while Shelli’s eviction was planned, Jackie’s eviction sent a shock wave that left people reeling. And many more questions since the bigger threats were still in the game.

Why did Steve target Jackie? Will the houseguests regret not evicting Vanessa instead of Shelli? Are Becky’s days numbered? Will Meg ever stop crying? Can Meg and James trust the Austwins alliance? Can Vanessa pull her manipulative game together from its free-fall? Does Steve regret his decision? Plenty of questions still left in the summer, but not many answers yet. Big Brother is reality TV’s own soap opera. I love it!

Steve BB17

The format returns back to normal this week, with only one person walking out the door. But the twists just keep on coming. One person might be returning from the jury house in the coming weeks, so these evictions could shift the game at any moment.

For now, let’s see what went down in the Big Brother house during Week #8:

Week #8

  • Jackie’s eviction caused a tidal wave of emotions. Meg, who was nominated against Jackie, couldn’t hold back the tears as her friend walked out of the house. Nobody was going to vote Meg out and she knew that her friend had no shot of staying against her. Steve, on the other hand, was crying for a much more different reason. As the Head of Household (HOH), he placed Jackie on the block thinking she was coming after him–in actuality, it was a lie created by Vanessa and he soon realized this. Now that he got blood on his hands, he was panicking and worried that making a move to get rid of Jackie could cost him the game!
  • The HOH competition, a game of picking of emojis, suited the recent turn of events. It was a memory game, and the first person to buzz in with the right answer would win in a tournament-style challenge. Liz dominated her competitors and worked her way through the tournament ladder to win safety for the week. Liz would be safe and, suffice it to say, her twin sister Julia and her showmance partner Austin would be safe as well.
  • Vanessa’s paranoia (and game) started to destroy itself. She knew her biggest target was Becky, and things were going her way as Liz also wanted to target Becky. However, doubt festered within the Austwins alliance that Vanessa could be trusted, and after Johnny Mac revealed that Vanessa lied to him about her conversations with the Austwins alliance, it became painfully clear Vanessa was becoming Audrey 2.0.
  • Liz debated her nomination between Johnny Mac, Meg, Becky, and Vanessa. All four seemed like big targets to her group and easy people to put up. In the end, she decided to nominate Johnny Mac and Becky for eviction, with the latter being her real target.
  • The infamous OTEV returned for another Power of Veto (POV) competition this year. Featuring a “rock ‘n’ roll” theme, the houseguests had to slip and slide their way through butter while searching for the right answer to OTEV’s question. There were plenty of falls (Meg!) and athleticism (Becky!), but Liz continued her dominance and won the POV. She ultimately chose not to use the power; Johnny Mac and Becky were left to face eviction on Thursday night.
  • The vote came down to the Austwins alliance. Both Johnny Mac and Becky made it known that Vanessa was their main target–both would be targeting her. Becky positioned her alliance with James and Meg to gain favor with the Austwins, while Johnny Mac joined a new alliance with Steve and the Austwins to make a strong five-person alliance. But how would the vote come down?
  • Becky was evicted by a vote of 6-0 against Johnny Mac and became the third member of the jury.

Becky BB17

Notes from the jury house

  • Shelli was shocked (SHOCKED!) to see Jackie walk through the door after her. She didn’t expect the professional dancer to be the next one evicted, especially because of Steve. When the two buddies watched the DVD of Jackie’s last week, they both came to the conclusion that Vanessa influenced and masterminded Steve’s moves for the week. Her lies planted seeds and it worked! Both want the chance to get back into the game, and it looks like Vanessa is public enemy #1.

NEXT: Which houseguests are currently on top?

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