TV Review: Big Brother 17 (Week #12 & Rankings)

The end is almost here. Nearly three months have gone by since a group of houseguests entered the game together for the chance to win a half million dollars. There have been betrayals, romances and twists that have shaken up the game. But now, only five players are left in the second last week of the season. With only two spots available to make their case to the jury, it’s going to be a bloodbath just getting there. Drama, drama, drama!

BB17 Post-Austin Eviction

In this special week of Big Brother 17, two people will be going to the jury. It’s not a “Double Eviction” as in weeks past, but a surprise eviction that will cut someone’s time short by a few days. The game will continue with another round in a matter of one/two days with another person leaving as well. Time is precious in the Big Brother house; the game can shift in a matter of hours. These houseguests only need to seize upon the opportunity to make it happen.

For now, let’s see what went down in the Big Brother house during Week #12:

Week #12 – Part 1

  • Head of Household (HOH) means power and the next challenge was going to be a long fight. In a colorful endurance competition, houseguests had to transport 10 eggs over a rainbow by moving their fingers through the wires carrying an egg one at a time. This challenge has been done in the past and it takes a steady hand to carry each egg. Players could compete for the HOH power or they could try to claim the luxury prize; the game doesn’t end until both prizes are won. The lead shifted back-and-forth between a few people but in the end, Vanessa scored another HOH win to her list of victories this season. Liz, on the other hand, won the luxury prize.
  • Vanessa ended up in a sticky situation. She’s been playing both sides of the house, toying each alliance with the prospect of safety and Final 3 deals. Now that she’s won HOH, she has the sole power to nominate. Unfortunately, she HAS to choose and backstab someone from the Liz & Austin and/or Steve & Johnny Mac pairings. There’s no more hiding for Vanessa anymore–she has to make a choice. Both alliances were offering sweet deals to her and some even tried to secure their own safety above the others, like Austin.
  • Instead of taking the easy route by nominating someone from both alliances, Vanessa sided with one pairing in the house. She nominated Johnny Mac and Steve for eviction, choosing to work with Liz and Austin… for now. (This is Vanessa, after all!)
  • Liz tried to show Vanessa why she should trust the Austin/Liz pairing by choosing her as her guest for the luxury prize. Liz and Vanessa were whisked away out of the house by Big Brother 16 houseguest Frankie Grande to a special Ariana Grande concert.
  • You can tell when the fall television season is about to start when the networks start throwing in some candid promos in their reality shows. In this week’s Power of Veto (POV) competition, houseguests had to put together a magnetic poster puzzle of CBS’ new comedy, Life in Pieces. If the houseguests don’t hit a button after 20 seconds, the puzzle will come apart and if they don’t hit the buzzer after 10 more seconds, they’re out. Vanessa was the first to be eliminated; she forgot to press her buzzer and was knocked out. Liz, Austin and Steve were neck-and-neck in the challenge while Johnny Mac debated just throwing the POV to Austin–he promised he would throw it. However, once he saw Steve had a real shot to win, Johnny Mac jumped back into the competition and won the POV!
  • Now that Johnny Mac (Vanessa’s real target) gained safety for the week, somebody had to go up on the block. Either Liz or Austin would be forced to sit next to Steve. Vanessa chose for Austin to be nominated in Johnny Mac’s place. Things looked simple at first with Steve as the obvious target but the game has a way of changing. Whispers began to happen as both Steve and Johnny Mac tried to convince Vanessa that Austin was the bigger target. This could be their only chance to get out “Judas” from the game.
  • In a surprise eviction night, Julie revealed that the houseguests would have to vote someone out of the game right away. Only Liz and Johnny Mac could vote; if a tie were to happen, Vanessa would need to break it. Liz voted Steve out while Johnny Mac voted out Austin. The decision came down to Vanessa and in a stunning turn of events, she backstabbed her ally Austin and evicted him from the game.

BB17 Austin Liz

Week #12 – Part 2

  • With Vanessa sitting out at the next HOH competition, only three would be competing for power. In a “What the bleep?” challenge, the houseguests had to guess true or false to hidden statements made based on videos. The challenge came down to Johnny Mac and Steve, but Steve pulled out another victory and won HOH once again this season.
  • As the numbers start to dwindle to Final 4, the real power is in the POV. Steve nominated Vanessa and Johnny Mac for eviction. However, whoever holds the POV really determines the final nominees for the week.
  • The POV competition, a challenge of guessing the right day, saw houseguests hitting a button to determine the right day for events throughout the summer. Former stalker and Big Brother 16 comic relief Caleb (aka Beast Mode Cowboy) came back to host a karate-themed competition. Each houseguest had to guess the days but the last person in each round to get it right would get a strike–two strikes and you’re out! Vanessa correctly guessed and made her way to the end of the challenge, securing her own safety and the power to vote out someone from the game between Liz and Johnny Mac.
  • Johnny Mac was evicted by a vote of 1-0 and rejoined the jury.

BB17 Johnny Mac

Notes from the jury house

  • The jury was surprised to see a twin, let alone Julia, walk through the door. They thought that Vanessa or Liz were bigger threats that the house should have targeted. Once Austin arrived and revealed Vanessa’s betrayal, a debate erupted in the jury house about whether she is a master manipulator or just sneaky. The tides are turning with the jury and it’s not looking too good for the poker player!

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