TV Review: Big Brother 17 (Week #11 & Rankings)

The “Outsiders” are no more. What started as a group of ragtag underdogs competing against the bigger alliances is now just a distant memory. The “Double Eviction” eliminated any trace of them! After both Meg and James walked out the front door last week, only two main powerful alliances still remain in the game. A battle is about to begin.

Steve Vanessa BB17

In one corner sits the Austwins alliance of Austin and the twins, Liz and Julia. They’ve won a majority of the competitions this summer and they have held power for most of the game. Occasionally, Vanessa is still considered a member. However, her new alliance is ready to take them down. Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac are sitting in the other corner, taking the reign as the resistance alliance. They’re smart, they’re cunning, and they’ve won a lot of competitions too. The only difference is that they have a slight advantage coming into the next Head of Household (HOH) challenge.

Only six houseguests remain in the game and with the finals fast approaching, the tides could change at any moment. Just ask the Outsiders! They’re enjoying their time at the jury house.

For now, let’s see what went down in the Big Brother house during Week #11:

Week #11

  • As compared to the last Double Eviction, the houseguests were in brighter spirits this time around. Meg was an easy candidate to go, but James was a tough threat that finally lost to the chopping block. Everyone was ecstatic that he left since he had no real alliances left in the house and he could do anything without remorse. While the Austwins alliance were happy he left for this reason, the other side was equally as happy, not because a threat left but because the Austwins wasted the opportunity to target them instead of a powerless player.
  • The HOH competition featured houseguests putting together a puzzle based on the faces of the evicted houseguests. The last person to complete the puzzle each round would be eliminated. With Liz sitting out as the previous HOH, the Austwins alliance was at a disadvantage. They were the first to fall, each was eliminated one after the other. In the end, Steve secured another competition win and gained safety for the week as HOH.
  • Both alliances are equally matched: 3 vs. 3. This week is the toughest yet as the Power of Veto (POV) challenge would determine who would be sitting on the block and which alliance would have the majority during the eviction. Steve knew that he was nominating Liz, Austin and/or Julia, but he wasn’t sure in which pairing. Choosing the wrong person could ruin their plans. Vanessa and Steve debated their options, realizing that Julia was the weakest and had the worst shot at winning the POV. Steve nominated Liz and Austin for eviction.
  • The POV competition, a head-to-head bowling and ballet challenge, saw houseguests reveal their true thoughts about the house by challenging each other to a game of bowling. Hosted by Mr. Pectacular himself, Jessie from Big Brother 10 and 11, the Austwins had a plan to throw the competition to Julia. While Steve was the first eliminated, it wasn’t until the second round that things got interesting. Julia had the power to challenge anyone and potentially send them out. Most thought she would choose Johnny Mac but she chose Austin, her alliance member, instead. She listened to advice from Vanessa and wanted to remove the potential POV threat from winning the POV. She lost her round and in a string of lucky wins, Austin won the POV.
  • Austin won the power to remove himself off the block and naturally it meant that Julia would be going up in his place. No one doubted or challenged to make the change, but Austin was still confused. Why would his alliance member target him during the POV? Trust within the Austwins alliance had started to falter ever since Liz found out that Austin potentially had a secret safety alliance with Steve. Julia wanted to protect her sister and the twins have a stronger bond than Liz and Austin.
  • With both sisters facing each other for the eviction vote, the decision came to the house to figure out which was to be eliminated. Liz was a stronger threat with more competition wins, but Julia didn’t offer much in terms of safety long-term. Julia offered to go home and let her sister stay in the house. However, the rest of the house would ultimately make the vote.
  • Julia was evicted by a vote of 3-0 and became the sixth member of the jury.

Julia evicted BB17

Notes from the jury house

  • The jury was devastated to see Meg and James leave the game. Jackie and Becky rooted for their former alliance members to make it far. Shelli, on the other hand, was sad but she was more excited that Johnny Mac was still in the game. She’s cheering on her friend and alliance member to make it to the end!

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