TV Review: Big Brother 17 (Week #10 & Rankings)

The “Double Eviction” is back! The infamous, and terrifying, episode has returned to evict two house-guests from the game in one quick strike. Many powerful players in the past have fallen during this key point in the game. In fact, this is just the second time around this season! Two more people will be heading to jury. It’s going to be an emotional roller coaster this week.

Vanessa/Julia Hug BB17

Two are leaving, one juror has returned, and the house is left panicking to just survive. The end is almost near and the only way for these players to guarantee a win is to play the game. It sounds easy enough, but anything can happen in a Double Eviction Week in Big Brother.

For now, let’s see what went down in the Big Brother house during Week #10:

Week #10 – Part 1

  • The most important Head of Household (HOH) competition yet found the house-guests holding on for dear life. While spinning around the backyard, the house-guests competed to be the last person still in the air holding onto their rope. The winner would get HOH and regardless of the results, the last standing jury member between Shelli, Jackie, Becky and Johnny Mac would be returning to the game.
  • One by one the house-guests started falling. House-guests were allowed to squat or stand, but they would need to have at least one foot on their pedestal at all times to stay in the challenge. Current active house-guests were quickly eliminated, leaving Vanessa and the four returning jurors competing for HOH. Jackie was the first juror to fall, followed by Becky and then Shelli. Johnny Mac won the opportunity to return to the Big Brother 17 house and compete for the half million dollar prize. He and Vanessa spun in the air, fighting for the chance to secure HOH. In a conversation and safety deal, Johnny Mac let go of the rope and Vanessa won HOH for the week.
  • As the numbers start to dwindle, the potential options for nominations decrease as well. Vanessa is connected to everyone in the house in some sort of way, like in an alliance, friendship or safety deal. Her alliance wants to send Johnny Mac back out the door, but she has an alliance with him and would prefer to work with the ex-jury member. She lets slip that James and Meg wouldn’t mind breaking up the Austwins alliance, even after the alliance gave them safety the last few weeks. They agree that James needs to be the target and the two friends (James and Meg) need to go up. Vanessa nominated James and Meg for eviction.
  • The Power of Veto (POV) competition saw the house-guests play a game of hide and seek. House-guests had two minutes to hide their veto square somewhere in the Big Brother house before the house-guests would enter one at a time to destroy the place to find it. This competition has been done in the past and it’s a fun one to watch. The house was trashed! Veto squares were placed inside pizza boxes, cushions, mattresses, pillows and any place they could hide them. The last hidden veto square would guarantee the hider safety for the week. Current nominee James was the lucky winner of the POV. He gained the power to remove himself off the block.
  • With James’ removal a guarantee, Vanessa and the Austwins alliance had to figure out an alternative plan to ensure that Meg would be leaving. Meg was an easy pawn to place on the block as she isn’t a threat, but she’s also an easy person to keep around because she’s not a threat. The Austwins alliance considered Johnny Mac but Vanessa had a different idea. She decided to nominate Julia as the replacement nominee as it would put a smaller threat on the block against Meg when eviction rolled around.
  • For the first time all season, someone from the Austwins alliance was placed on the block. This could be the opportunity the other side of the house needed to break up a powerful group. Meg and James started to plant seeds to see what could fester. Johnny Mac seemed to be on board with the idea, even trying to pull in Steve to break up the other alliance. When Steve brought the idea up to Vanessa, the idea gained some doubts. Meg and James would never turn against each other; however, the Austwins are the same. One of two powerful bonds could be broken by this one vote.
  • Meg was evicted by a vote of 4-1 and became the fourth member of the jury.

Meg BB17

Week #10 – Part 2

  • It’s “Double Eviction Week” again in the Big Brother house! After Meg walked out the front door, the house-guests would have to take part in a full round of Big Brother in under an hour.
  • The HOH competition, a game of true or false with pictures, saw the house-guests answering questions based on photos of the first six evicts. If the house-guest gets the question wrong, they’re out of the challenge. The twins have started to dominate the game. The sisters made it to the end of the competition together before Liz got the final question correct. Liz won HOH again this summer.
  • With only a few minutes to decide her nominations, Liz chose to go after her enemies. She nominated Johnny Mac, partly as a pawn and also as a potential threat, but her real target was James. Her alliance planned to eliminate the pairing of Meg/James once and for all.
  • A game of luck and skill ruled the POV competition. House-guests had to throw two balls on a large boomerang in the hopes that the balls would land in squares to gain points. After two balls, the combined points would determine their score. Many house-guests threw the balls with a little bit too much power, causing them to fly off the boomerang. In the end, Julia secured her first POV win of the season and gained the power to remove someone from the block.
  • Julia is a member of the Austwins alliance and with her sister as HOH, she didn’t needed to change the nominations. She decided not to use the POV; leaving James and Johnny Mac to face the vote.
  • James was evicted by a vote of 4-0 and became the fifth member of the jury.

James & Johnny Mac Nominated BB17

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