TV Review: Awkward. (5×07) “The Big Reveal”

tumblr_nw7z4jUDrQ1s9w508o1_500Jenna isn’t worried about college–since she was only accepted to one place, she’ll be going to Wycott in the fall. She’s more concerned with telling Matty she loves him, SHOCKER. In the midst of the Matty-fog, Lacey manages to convince Jenna to plan a gender reveal party for her. Jenna agrees and explains her Matty feelings, which Lacey thinks might be best left ignored. Jenna pitches a fit because she never gets to talk about herself. I’m sorry, WHAT? It is amazing that Jenna doesn’t get slapped on a weekly basis.

School: Jenna puts her plan to tell Matty she loves him in motion, prattling on to him about Drunk Gabby and Dream Matty. Their conversation gets derailed when Matty gets a call from the Berkeley soccer coach, letting him know he just made the team. Matty makes plans to see Jenna even though he had plans with Jake, but that’s not what Jake is concerned about. Jake is horrified to learn that Matty might say no to Berkeley because Jenna would be going to college in New England. Same, Jake. Same.

The Gender Reveal Party: Lacey admits to telling Matty to leave Jenna alone in Mexico, which infuriates Jenna. Jenna’s gone all ranty at the party, but Tamara is over it: “The time for shipping Jenna and Matty has sailed and sunk multiple times.” She makes the argument that they were never good together, and even if they do get together again, what will happen in college?

They’re about to cut the cake to reveal the gender of the baby (that everyone, including Kevin, knows already) when Val bursts in, fresh from her international travels. They pause to listen to her ramble on about the countries she visited and guys she’s met, only to find out later that she was actually just visiting Epcot. Regardless, her trip has given her the experience and perspective she needed to go get married.

Jenna and Lacey make up–Lacey ends up crying after their fight and explains that she just wanted to be a better parent for this baby, since when she was pregnant with Jenna no one was happy about it because she was so young. Jenna admits that she’s a good enough parent, and that it was probably better that she sent Matty away.

At dinner with Matty, Jenna decides to do the “mature thing” and tells him to go to Berkeley.  She shrugs off any questions about the two of them and says that she hopes that they can stay really close friends. I would argue that the actual mature thing to do is to tell Matty the truth, but whatever. She returns home, crying to Lacey about not being able to say “I love you” to Matty. Darlene has taken to bringing Sadie’s lunch to her in school. Today, she comes bearing the request that Sadie meet her new beau Ted, who turns out to be Jack from Charmed. He reveals to Sadie that he was there in September, accidentally clueing Sadie in to the fact that Darlene lied to him about Sadie’s whereabouts. Sadie gets that I’m-Going-To-Make-Your-Life-A-Living-Hell gleam in her eye when she looks at her mom.

This week’s Awkward. episode had some interesting development for Lacey’s character, while reminding us that Jenna will always be the same. Oh, plus we found out that Jenna is having a little sister.

Episode Rating: 5/10.

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