TV Review: Awkward. (5×03-5×04) “Jenna in Wonderland” and “Now You See Me, Now I Don’t”

tumblr_nuq9p0iaMb1s9w508o1_500“Jenna in Wonderland”

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“Put a flavored condom on your head, because your mind is about to get blown!” Tamara exclaims, using what is quite possibly the worst line to come out of Awkward. in an effort to tell Jenna of her newfound popularity. Other news updates include Jake and Gabby’s newly public romance and Matty McKibben’s fall from popular grace thanks to his drunken meltdown.

Matty finds refuge with the unpopular kids at school, who become his guides to unpopular life. Their advice includes:

  • Find food in the garbage
  • Use an empty bucket in the janitor’s closet as a toilet
  • Spiders can be your friends
  • Always carry a change of clothes (I don’t want to know why)

If you feel that you’re not popular, please IGNORE ALL OF THIS. Matty attempts to apologize to Jake, who doesn’t care–people say the most truth when they’re drunk.

Jenna has a triple date with the Julies and some college dudes (or, you know, forty-year-olds). She is unimpressed by everyone’s constant need to update social media to prove they’re having a good time. After Jenna gets chastised for not hooking up with her assigned college dude, she takes her leave to go hang out with Tamara.

Matty tries to move on with his life, going to a concert with the unpopular crowd and actually having a good time. By the end of the episode, both Jenna and Matty are content and learning what kind of lives they want to lead.

Lissa’s mother, stressed out over her husband’s moving out with his boyfriend, has been taking her issues out on Lissa.  Sadie suggests she needs a healthier sex life, which Lissa then attempts to discuss with her mother. “Intercourse is for procreation, not recreation,” her mother responds, chastising her daughter and inspiring Lissa to bring her mom to Ally’s sex toy party. Ally puts a vibrator in her purse and sends her into another room, after which she returns looking relaxed and glowing.

This episode of Awkward. felt like more filler, lacking any sort of development plot-wise. It’s a little upsetting that it’s taken until the end of their senior year for Jenna and Matty to realize that high school popularity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but there you go. Also, how fickle the students at this school are! The B plot involving Lissa’s mother was eyeroll-inducing.  

Episode Rating: 4/10

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