TV Review: Awkward. (5×02) “Short Circuit Party”

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The worst part about pranks is cleaning up, a lesson the gang is learning after last week’s foam party. Everyone is looking pretty grumpy, especially Matty and Jake. “I’m going to need a double dose of Dramamine to deal with this overdose of dramarama,” Tamara says, feeling the tension in the air. Jenna starts a water fight to lighten the mood and ends up short-circuiting the school’s entire electrical system in the process.

When Val announces that they need to cancel school, the crowd cheers for Jenna. Basking in her newfound popularity, Jenna shouts, “Blackout party at the beach, bitches!” Jenna and Tamara run to Jenna’s house to get booze, only to find that all of it has been consumed by their new house guest Val. Ma Lacey gives a speech about living life before locking yourself down into marriage, which later inspires Val to take off and go live her life. Their next stop is the supermarket, where Jenna’s overacting gets them escorted out of the store, sans alcohol.

Down at the beach, the party is in full swing; someone else already brought the booze. Gabby decides to apologize for throwing Jake under the bus, but gets derailed when she hears him say their hookup meant nothing. Jake attempts to apologize to Matty, but he’s drunk and has a lot of feelings, which usually means he’s about to be a dick. “You’re not me, and you never will be. No matter how many of my girlfriends you get sloppy seconds on…If you were me, you’d get them first,” he says to Jake. Jake comes back at him and says that it’s not the case for all of them and the two end the conversation before fisticuffs commence. Surprisingly!

Jenna disastrously attempts to flirt with a stranger to convince him to buy alcohol, but scares him away. Lacey, who just arrived to refill their home bar, rolls her eyes and takes Jenna’s money with the promise that she won’t drive under the influence.  The girls finally arrive at the party to find everyone else heading home. Jake apologizes to Gabby for his comments, admitting that he did want the hookup to mean more. Drunk Matty seeks out Jenna, requesting a ride home without asking if he’s okay. Matty says that he would ask Jenna to stay with him, if not for the imminent puking and her going out with the marine. Uncomfortable, Jenna tucks him in and takes her leave.

Sadie spends the episode with her mother Darlene, who is still trying to win her back. Sadie brings her to Corky’s and orders pancakes and bacon in order to bait Darlene, but she refuses to be shaken. Their next stop is the car dealership, which doesn’t impress Sadie: “She can afford the car. Just not my love.” She ends up with the car anyway, where she confronts her mother about her obsessive food comments over the years. Darlene admits that she can’t change the past, but she can work towards a better future. Sadie agrees to do the same, if only so she can move on with her life. In the end, Sadie finds a note from her mother, echoing the notes Lissa’s mom used to leave for her: “I love you and always did. PS. don’t touch yourself, God is watching.” It puts a smile on Sadie’s face.

All right Awkward., you did better this week. It seems like we’re actually delving into some new storylines and relationships, especially Sadie’s with her mom. Extra points for ditching Val, since she’s almost entirely irrelevant at this point.

Episode Rating: 7/10.

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