TV Review: Awkward. (5×01) “Prank Amateurs”

awkward-CastCan’t remember what Jenna and the gang were up to last season? Check out past recaps here.

Well friends, the end is upon us. It’s Awkward.’s last season, and the gang is staring down the barrel of the end of senior year. Post-spring break has Jenna and the gang in the midst of senior pranking with Matty at the helm. Jenna wants to spend less time thinking about Matty and more time focusing on her new beau Brian and cherishing every moment of her senior year. That’s why she and the rest of the senior class are in the janitor’s closet naked and waiting for Senior Streak to start. When Jenna overhears Jake and Gabby discussing their sleeping together in Mexico, she jumps the gun and runs naked into the hallway before the coast is clear, earning her a suspension. Aaaaaand we have our first awkward moment for the season.

Val calls Sadie down to her office because her mother has returned. Sadie’s mom has done a little soul searching, and now that her life is back on track, she realized that she needs Sadie with her again. Sadie is unimpressed and furious with her mother. Lissa, once again on the Christian bandwagon, encourages Sadie to forgive her mother, but it’s Sergio that ultimately helps Sadie see reason. When he argues that Sadie’s mother doesn’t need to make her feel good about herself because he does, Sadie scoffs. “Oh please, you’re just my hot piece of ass,” she says, but with love.

Ally is thrilled with this development. “My maid’s room will be a maid’s room once more!” she says with glee. However, Sadie’s mother isn’t planning on uprooting her just yet. Instead, she’ll stick around until she can make amends to Sadie for abandoning her.

Jenna comes home from school to find her parents measuring her room so they can turn it into a nursery when she goes to college. Why do people on TV do this? Their children are going to college, not fleeing the country! They’ll be back for like, four or five breaks a year! Jenna laments not being able to enjoy her suspension due to the guilt she feels keeping the Gabby-Jake secret from Matty. It’s a wonder to me that everyone around Jenna doesn’t roll their eyes as soon as she starts speaking about Matty because I certainly can’t help myself as a spectator at home. Ma Lacey suggests that Jenna do nothing before assessing what she wants from her relationship with Matty; he might think Jenna has an agenda otherwise (see: Crazy Eva).

Prank attempt #2 of the episode involves all the seniors laying on the floor of the school hallway; which seems more like a punishment for them than anything else. Someone needs to take the Captain Prank title from Matty. With Jenna occupied by Brian, Matty is back into Gabby. It’s kind of insane how long Awkward. has been able to drag out the Jenna-Matty relationship using the same roadblocks with different names. Gabby in turn renews her interest in Matty, which is not well received by everyone (i.e. Jake).

Tamara won’t break engagement over phone, meaning that she and fiance Adam crash Jenna and Brian’s date. When Jenna and Brian can’t find the chemistry they shared in Mexico, she realizes that she’d rather be participating in the third senior prank attempt of the episode instead. Jenna, Tamara, and the boys head over to find the rest of the senior class running a bunch of underwear up the flagpole. Matty attempts to out-alpha male Brian when the underwear flag gets tangled, but Jake calmly untangles it himself while pointing out that he did it and kept his shirt on. Brian and Jenna decide to keep their romance only in Baja, while Adam and Tamara pick a wedding date. This couldn’t possibly end poorly!

The Temperamentals (those two general mischief making hipsters whose names I never learned) have the same disdain for Matty’s pranks as I do. While the rest of the seniors were distracted by the underwear gambit, they filled the school hallways with foam and bubbles. Amidst the foam, Gabby tells Jake that she’s happy they could put their indiscretion behind them, which proves to be too much for Jake. He spills that Matty was planning on breaking up with Gabby because he still had feelings for Jenna, which causes Gabby to march over to Matty to tell him that she had sex with Jake. Matty punches Jake and is hurt that Jenna knew the whole time. So…that went poorly.

Awkward.’s season five opener pretty much rehashes everything we’ve seen from the past four seasons, with the exception of Tamara being engaged. Jenna continues to obsess over Matty, Jake and Matty are still fighting over the same girl (albeit a different one), and Matty is angry at Jenna for the exact opposite reason that he was mad at her last time. Let’s hope that the rest of the season doesn’t feel quite so familiar.

Episode Rating: 5/10.

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