TV Review: Arrow (3×18) – “Public Enemy”


This has to end. It has to end tonight.

Those words are more truer than you would ever imagine. If last week’s episode was any indication, then you already know that this week’s episode, Public Enemy, was sure to be a showdown on all fronts. This week, it’s Oliver verses The League, the police, and the entire city.

“I’ve underestimated Ra’s, and now we’re all paying the price, I’m sorry.”

Seriously, Oliver, please stop apologizing all the time. There are very few things about Arrow that cause me to turn my nose up, but this one is on the short list. Not everything is your fault. Things happen, people die, people get hurt, and life goes on.

The Arrow is being framed for multiple murders, forcing the Starling City Police into high-alert as they try and track down Oliver. The culprit is Maseo Yamashiro, a long-time acquaintance of Oliver. This isn’t anything unusual, because Maseo has been part of the League of Assassins for some time. It is just upsetting to Oliver that the man he once called “friend” is betraying him on behalf of the League.

As Team Arrow tries to take control of the city, Oliver enlists Nyssa to help track down Maseo and, ultimately, stop him. But their efforts are quickly halted as Oliver, once again, comes face-to-face with Ra’s al Ghul.

Arrow-Public-Enemy-Season-3-Episode-18-07-550x385“You hunt for the man they call the ‘Arrow’”

Well, the jig is up, folks. Not only is Ra’s al Ghul going around murdering innocent people in the mighty name of Arrow, he has, at last, outed Oliver Queen as the one and only, Arrow.

In my own opinion, this is an event a long time coming. Captain Lance is literally the last important person to not know the Arrow’s true identity. Sure, it may have been easier for the Captain to not know, but it was a key part of the story that was holding a rift between the Arrow, Laural, and Sara’s death. Thankfully, we see some bit of closure in Public Enemy as Lance is now piecing the puzzle together.

In Oliver’s old life, we meet Shado’s sister. Two episodes ago, in flashbacks, Oliver runs into a woman on the streets on Hong Kong—a woman he called Shado. Last week’s absence of flashbacks has put fans into a tizzy trying to understand how Shado could possibly still be alive. Sadly, it wasn’t Shado who was still alive. Which isn’t totally a bad thing. If Shado was, in fact, still alive, then Moira Queen’s death would have been in vain.

9d49b62505666317b78a67a60ff86879“I’m the biggest idiot in the world for breaking up with you.”

Thea and Roy are back at it again. The hiatus in their relationship had gone on way too long, leaving their fans in turmoil while the two danced around their feelings. But the very quickly looked over sex scenes from Public Enemy might just be in vain as Roy takes the fall for Oliver. At the end of the episode, when Roy announces that it is he who is the Arrow, audiences all around became baffled at the turn this season has taken. What does this mean for Roy in the future? Better yet, what does it mean for Roy and Thea?

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