TV News: NBC’S “I Can Do That”


A new talent show it’s making its way to our TV’s and if you’re like any other human who can’t stand reality shows, I know you’re probably rolling your eyes but bear with me, this one sounds like it may be worth some time.

The new NBC show “I Can Do That,” hosted by Marlon Wayans, features Cheryl Burke who is a Dancing with the Stars alum, Nicole Scherzinger, Ciara, Joe Jonas, comedian Jeff Dye, and actor Alan Ritchson. On the show, our celebrities pair up and work together with talent acts such as dancers, magicians, stunt performers, ETC in order to put on a totally out-of-the-element kind of show. At the end of the 6-episode week, a winner will be crowned; “the ultimate entertainer”.

The seemingly cool concept about this is that we are going to be watching celebrities who are talented and good at their own field, totally go out of what they’re used to in order to put on something great and different. The celebrities LITERALLY get involved in the act, so I’m amusing there will be some laughs but I’m also thinking maybe we’ll be surprised by some of the hidden talents.

I have a friend who was at the first taping a few days ago. Though I can’t say much, I can say that there is going to be a celebrity (whose day job isn’t dancing) doing some dancing with the Jabbawockeez (spoiler alert: it’s one of the male celebrities) and some other famous faces from the cast doing things that might surprise you. She says it’s like no other show and she means that in the good kind of way.

The show is taping between this month and next will be making it’s debut on May 26th on NBC. It’s hard to say how good the show will do, considering the celebrity cast isn’t exactly A-List. I mean, when was the last time we heard a Ciara song on the radio? (When she guest-sang in Love, Sex, and Magic I guess and 1,2 Step? Throwback ya’ll) However, I think the concept is original and that’s what our TV shows are lacking, a show that puts the celebrities in the act instead of just letting them judge as if they know everything about talent.

Will you be watching? Comment below!

Nicole is a 20 years old Miami native who enjoys pop culture, cookies, and coffee a little to much. When she was in elementary school, her teacher gave her a book about a novelist and wrote that one day she's be a writer and now 11 years later, she is a mass communications major. Her hobbies include watching really popular shows years after they were a thing, going to concerts and attending cool events. She hopes to interview incredible and inspiring celebrities someday and write about it!