TV News: ‘Game of Thrones’ Oberyn Martell Has Been Cast!

Picture via The Hollywood Reporter

Entertainment Weekly has reported that the highly-sought after role of Oberyn Martell has been cast. The casting of Oberyn Martell has had fans of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy epic A Song of Ice and Fire on the edge of their seats ever since the season three finale of HBO’s mega-hit based on Martin’s series, A Game of Thrones.

The casting for the soon-to-be fan favorite has been a long process, there were numerous names thrown around fan-site forums on who should be cast. As of today, Chilean actor Pedro Pascal has officially been cast as Oberyn Martell. Pascal has recently been seen on the USA show Graceland and the short-lived ABC series Red Widow.

For the fans of the show but haven’t yet read the books. Oberyn Martell hails from the southern-most region of Westeros called Dorne. Dorne is an area the show has not visited, but there have been references to the Martells (the lords of Dorne) and Dorne since the first season. If remembered correctly Princess Myrcella was sent to Dorne in order to be betrothed to one of the Martells. Oberyn is a Prince of Dorne (in Dorne the Martells use the custom of being referred to as “prince” instead of “lord”) and is known to be a very handsome, smooth charmer with a penchant to partake in some mischievous, and some might say, deviant hobbies. Oberyn does carry some internal scars, the biggest being his hate for the Lannisters after what happened to his sister Elia Martell,who was murdered by Gregor Clegane, a henchman of Tywin Lannister, during Robert’s Rebellion. He’s been nicknamed “The Red Viper” by friends and foes alike for his fierce ways in life and in the battlefield.

Filming for season four of Game of Thrones begins this summer and will return in 2014. Season three is currently set to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray on February 14, 2014 but you can pre-order on now.

Are you happy with the casting choice? Who would’ve you cast? Are you excited as I am to finally see the Martells? Let me know below.

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