Bachelor in Paradise: Team Nick vs Team Josh

So a storm came through paradise last night. Just as Hurricane Chadzilla left, a new storm erupted. The storm that arrived can be called Tropical Storm Murray a.k.a Nick’s worst nightmare. Longtime Nick rival and winner of Andi Dorfman’s heart (briefly), Josh Murray, has officially arrived in paradise.

Love hasn’t been in the air yet, aside from the aggressive kiss-slapping between Lace and Chad. Ok, so far Vinny has been established as the new Jared. Women are swooning over Vinny as if he’s Brad Pitt in his prime, but it’s VINNY! Jared is still as boring as ever. The twin Emily was all over Jared, putting on every move possible, yet Jared had no reaction.

The strongest push from romance came from Nick and Amanda. Nick had two back-to-back dates, the first one was an underwhelming one with Leah. The second one was a lot hotter one with Amanda. He seems legitimately smitten with Amanda. They went on a cute date, bonfire and kissing. Amanda was all about Nick, until….

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - "Episode 302A" - Nick and Leah on a underwhelming date. (ABC/Rick Rowell) NICK VIALL, LEAH BLOCK

BACHELOR IN PARADISE – “Episode 302A” – Nick and Leah on an underwhelming date.
(ABC/Rick Rowell)

Josh Murray arrived in paradise. Naturally the only woman Josh would pursue is the one that Nick wants. Josh wastes no time using his date card to ask Amanda, therefore setting up Josh versus Nick–again.


  • Nick is being portrayed as the “good guy” this time around
  • Josh is being painted as the arrogant and douchy one
  • Amanda likes Nick for his personality and relationship potential
  • Amanda likes Josh for his looks and sexual chemistry
  • Nick has the majority of the cast behind him
  • Josh has the female cast lusting over him
  • The “chat” Nick and Josh had towards to the end of the episode suggests there will be a lot more heated confrontations between the two coming up.

This could be the rebirth of one of the better feuds in Bachelor history. These two guys really dislike another. They may have similar taste in women, but their polar opposite personalities and competitiveness will get the best of them. Who will Amanda stay with and explore a love connection. Nick or Josh? Right now my assumption would be that the Josh romance is a lustful phase that will evaporate and drive her back to Nick. This one is just getting started, so stay tuned for more.

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