Trailer for Season 5B of Teen Wolf Debuts at NYCC


Fellow Teen Wolf fans, we still have quite a while to wait until the second half of season five, with January being the slated release, but New York Comic Con had a treat of a trailer for the fans and boy is it packed with action.

I can’t say I was a tremendous fan of season five, as it began strong but quickly dipped in quality as the show fell victim to its greatest weakness, overstuffed and over-crowded with villains we had no real interest in. The show squandered away much of the good will the start of the season had built by making Scott idiotic in his planning and friend-making skills, making Theo a whiny villain, and sidelining Lydia, Stiles and Malia for characters such as Liam, Hayden and all of the other teens being made into monsters by the Dread Doctors. The season left on a bit of a sour note (and a dreary one) where Stiles and Scott were still fighting, Sheriff Stilinski was fighting for his life, Kira had driven off the show for a number of episodes, Parish was a hell hound, and Lydia had been kidnapped and taken to Eichen House.

The trailer at the very least offers up some exciting imagery, as well as troubling with the welcome return of Argent and the unwelcome scene of Stiles throwing Scott to the ground as his dad lays in critical care at the hospital. My curiosity is tentatively piqued, and I’ll be here, along with the rest of you dedicated and weary fans, in January to see how this all plays out, and see if it’s done well.

Check out the trailer below.

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