Top 10 Most Memorable ‘Misfits’ Moments

Just last year, I remember tuning in to catch a show which had been mentioned to me by a lot of people. On twitter, my news feed would explode with updates on “the best show ever.” I never got around it until one day my friend, Luciana, sent me a link and simply said “WATCH IT.” That was the day in which I fell in love with a little British show called, Misfits. The storyline was phenomenal, not since Breaking Bad has a show shot me with some much addiction and intrigue. As all Misfits fans already know, last week was the week in which the last original member of the cast died. It was a very gloomy and mournful night for all the fans out there. So here it goes, the best jaw-dropping, funniest, and weirdest moments of Misfits! In memory of Nathan, Alisha, Simon, Kelly, and Curtis.

10. Lonely Souls
We see the real Misfits, and the storyline gets more personal. Simon wanting to be accepted and just have friends. Alisha getting ready to go out and keep up her “partying” persona, when in reality she’s just looking for someone who can really understand her. Curtis keeps replaying his Olympic win in hopes it can all go back to that moment again. Nathan realizing his obnoxious yet hilarious character has pushed the ones he loves from him. Lastly is Kelly alone, her “bad-girl behavior” got the best of her.

9. Do I Suck or Blow?
This was probably the best G-rated porn scene that has made it to television. Who knew you could do that with a water bottle? For that, we thank you Alisha!

8. Simon on Drugs
Our sweet little Simon gets his drink spiked! This was one of my favorite scenes with Simon, I mean the way he dances! I think the thought on everyone’s mind was “ Can we take him to a dance festival?”

7. F****N Nazis
This episode was full of ass-kicking moments that I just decided to count it all as one! My favorite episode yet, not only cause it features Seth, played by actor Matthew McNulty, but because we go back in time to see how Hitler got his ass kicked. The most thought-out and intense episode of Misfits yet.

6.Kelly Turns Into a Rocket Scientist
Once she got her dreamy/super-power changing boyfriend, Kelly got to switch powers to become a Rocket Scientist. This was hilarious as ironic, because we all know that this “chav” wasn’t the smartest crayon in the box. Guess she proved us wrong!

5. When Alicia Dies
Although it is impossible to find the scene, we all remember that tragic moment when religious physco girl slices Alisha’s throat. Simon holds her as her live slips away, what a heartbreaking scene! I think I ran out of Kleenex that whole week.

4.Curtis or Melissa?
When Curtis switches powers to have a double identity he realizes he becomes a girl.
By having a new complete different self, he starts competing again as Melissa. This became really weird after he almost had a baby with himself. Deciding that this was probably the worst and oddest super power EVER, he made the decision to switch it.

3.It’s a Gay Love Story
On the first episode, the gang does what they do best: kill their probation officer. This is one funny scene where Nathan is explaining what might of happened to their probation officer. Nathan and his creative mind never seem to fail me.

2.Save Me Barry!
As soon as I knew I was doing a top 10 on Misfits ,millions of scenes between Nathan and Simon came to mind. I just couldn’t pick one that could define how amazing and hilarious this dynamic duo was. Searching online for about an hour I became very sentimental seeing all these great moments between these two.








1.R.I.P Curtis
The scene we all dreaded! Not only were we still attempting to get over the fact that half of the original cast was gone. We also loved Curtis and his ability to fix everything. He was the last piece connecting us to the journey that was Misfits for 3 whole seasons. This one one of my favorite scenes EVER. The way Rudy says bye to him, and how he keeps his cool self until his last breath. Youtube was obviously pretty depressed too because they took out all the videos from Curtis death. Here’s the last Misfits episode so you can relive the awful pain again.

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