The Vampire Diaries’ Final Season News and Spoilers Round-Up


We are only two weeks away from the from the premiere of The Vampire Diaries‘ final season the internet has been filled with rumors, spoilers and news about how the road will end for our favorite Mystic Falls residents.

The Layout of Season Eight

The final season of The Vampire Diaries premiering October 21, 2016 will only have sixteen episodes total, with each episode title referring back to famous dialogue from season one. The first three episodes are titled, “Hello Brother” which was Damon’s first line in the show, “Today Will Be Different” which was Elena’s line in the first episode when she was writing in her diary and “You Decided That I Was Worth Saving” which was a line Damon said to Katherine (pretending to be Elena) in the season one finale.

The Return of Elena

The biggest buzz is whether or not former star of the show, Nina Dobrev, will return and reprise her role as the show’s leading lady Elena Gilbert after exiting in the season six finale via magically-induced coma placed on her by deceased villain Kai. According executive producer Julie Plec, Dobrev said that she was open to returning to the show to put her character to rest.

While there has been no official confirmation as of yet that Dobrev will return, there has been wild speculation that she will return to save Damon from the evil that possessed him in the season seven finale. There has also been recent rumors that Elena may ditch Damon and return to reunite with his brother Stefan, her first love.

Damon Goes Dark

According to Julie Plec, Damon will descend into a different kind of darkness than usual this season after coming face to face with the show’s mysterious new big-bad where we last left off with Damon and Enzo locked in the vault. Damon has always been the anti-hero prone to driving into darkness for fun and the thrill of it, now Damon is going to be forced into it by the creature via mind control.

An Ancient Enemy

Known for it’s villainous characters, The Vampire Diaries is introducing a new big-bad described as “pure evil” called Sybil, an ancient immortal who uses her power to manipulate others into twisted games and tests for her own amusement. She is going to be played by UnReal actress Nathalie Kelley, and was briefly seen in last season’s finale attacking Damon and Enzo when they entered The Armory’s vault.


Relationship Statuses

The first photos of season eight released on September 14 revealing Damon and Enzo going on a killing spree doesn’t paint a pretty picture for new fan-favorite couple Bonnie and Enzo. According to Kat Graham at this year’s Comic-Con, her character Bonnie will be starting season eight at “ground zero” after losing both Enzo and her best friend Damon. Meanwhile, the show’s other primary couple, Stefan and Caroline, seem to have a more brighter outlook with Plec explaining that she has been rooting for the couple since season two’s “Brave New World” episode.

New Faces

Some new characters being introduced this season are Alaric and Caroline’s new nanny, Seline, who is described as a warm character that will fight for the ones she loves described, played by Kristen Gutoskie from the CW’s recently cancelled Containment. Another new face is Georgie, an occult research intern with a dark past, played by Warehouse 13 alum Allison Scagliotti. Peter Maxwell, a blue-collared worker who is dragged into the supernatural world when his son walks back into his life, played by Joel Gretsch. And Dorian, one of Alaric’s interns, played by Demetrius Bridges. Knowing the show’s reputation, we’ll see how long these new character’s stick around once the season premieres.


The Vampire Diaries returns Friday, October 21 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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