The Twilight Zone: Celebrating 57 Years, and Our Favorite Episodes



On October 2nd, 1959, the world of science fiction would forever be shifted by the workings of Mr. Rod Serling. Following the likes of earlier programs such as Tales of Tomorrow and Science Fiction Theater, The Twilight Zone would become one of the most defining programs throughout the entire genre. “Where Is Everybody?” would become the first story in The Twilight Zone anthology to be broadcast around the country, and the rest is history.

Five seasons and 156 episodes later, The Twilight Zone has seen its fair share of revivals and updates since its introduction. Forest Whitaker tried his hand at being the narrator of the early 2000’s revival, and even Steven Spielberg was one of the directors who took part in 1983s Twilight Zone: The Movie. It’s safe to say that this program has reached its way all across the globe to become one of the greatest influences in the field of mystery/science fiction. With October 2nd marking the 57th anniversary of The Twilight Zone beginning, we thought it appropriate to share some of our favorite episodes, and why we believe their influence stands out so much to us.

SPOILERS will be discussed. However, if it’s taken you this long to watch one of the greatest science fiction programs in television history, and one that also just so happens to be 57 years old now, that’s probably your own fault.

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