The Ten Best Episodes of The 100

Following a rather controversial season three, The 100 is back this week for it’s fourth season where all hope seems to have been lost about societies survival as Clarke learned in season three’s finale that earth is a nuclear bubble ready to burst. Without an announcement yet of the fourth being the final season, it’s safe (for now) to assume that at least some of our characters will make it safe (if not unscathed) from certain death but it’s the who and the how that will make season four engaging television. Will the show be able to redeem itself fully for some of its missteps last year or will it continue to make the same mistakes? With such a rich cast of characters and some genuinely strong performers hopefully the stories will be worth their (and the production design team of course) talents.

Here are the ten best episodes of the series up until this point. Will any of season four end up ranking among them? And what episodes would have made your list? Let us know below in the comments.

These have been ranked based on release date.

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