The Strain Q&A with Kevin Durand

Vasiliy Fet is taking New York City back from the vampire horde one block at a time. With his knowledge of architecture, explosives and extermination, Fet has been the fan favorite character since the beginning of season one.

Kevin Durand is a character actor, and can be seen in Fruitvale Station and Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, and can be seen as a series regular in both The Strain and Starz’s Vikings.

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Evan via TYF: You’re new to the whole social media thing, but you’ve been live tweeting prevalently through about every episode since last year. How did that come about and what’s it like getting fan reactions almost instantly as you watch the show every Sunday?

Kevin: Well, you know it’s all so new to me and before being a part of it, you go and shoot something, put your heart and soul, you adapt your life so you can go make your art and then you leave it. You don’t have that kind of instantaneous connection with an audience that you would doing theater, and I come from the theater. I was really addicted to that connection, so then all of a sudden you get onto this twitter thing, and when they asked if I wanted to Live-Tweet, I think I got on at maybe episode 11 last year that I joined Twitter. To have that instant reaction from what’s going on on screen with something you worked on, it feels like a form of live theater to me. So I keep thinking to myself, “Oh, I won’t do it this week, I’m doing it too much the fans will get sick of me” and then I start watching and I just have to comment! I have to say stuff! I don’t always say something, but I’m always watching what everyone has to say, it’s a really cool, visceral kind of reaction to it. I love seeing people saying what scares them, it’s been such a pleasure to be a part of that. So even if I’m not tweeting, I am reading what they’re saying!

Evan via TYF: Between getting the scripts and reading all the books, and then the fan reactions, do they ever have an impact when you’re on set? Or are you just Vasiliy and you’re just in the moment there?
Kevin: I love to hear what people have to say, I process what they have to say, it may have some kind of effect, subconsciously when I work, I’m sure it does. But generally my work, I get really obsessed with it, I learn everything really early, and on the day we’re shooting, it’s there and part of my subconsciousness and I don’t have to remember my lines.

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