The Flash Season 2 Get’s New Trailer


The Flash is currently one of my most anticipated shows for the 2015 fall season. With a surprisingly daring new concept, with alternate universes being brought into play, season two is currently setting itself up to be bigger and better than it’s debut; no easy feat. Season one was a remarkably confident start to a show, especially one that could have simply been a carbon copy of Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti’s other CW superhero show, Arrow. Instead the show took on a livelier tone with a charming lead in Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen, and the show shook things up in a big way in the season finale.

The trailer below hints at what’s about to come, including brief appearances from Harrison Wells who is miraculously still around, (no complaints here since Tom Cavanagh was the MVP of last year), speedster Jay Garrick (the Flash of Earth 2) played by Teddy Sears as well as Atom Smasher. The CW is currently the version of the DC universe I’m the most interested in pursuing (at least in terms of current iterations of the characters) and The Flash is leading the charge. With a slight costume update that is likened to the one he wears in the comics, a stronger group dynamic with Iris now let in on the secret, and stakes that just continue to rise, season two is setting up to be a blast.

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The Flash is back October 6th. Check out the trailer below!



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