‘The Exorcist’ On The Verge Of Television Exorcism

The Exorcist is a really entertaining and intriguing show that apparently no onw is watching besides me?! As you may have noticed my reviews of the show have slowed down lately, there is a reason for it. The show hasn’t been airing consistently on a weekly basis. One week it’s on, then on a two week hiatus. That makes it hard for anyone to watch. Here is the downward ratings drop by the numbers courtesy of The Nielsen Company:

Air date Episode 18-49 demo Viewers Viewers
change (millions) change
Fri 09/23/2016  01-01 0.97 2.854
Fri 09/30/2016  01-02 0.60 -38.14% 1.976 -30.76%
Fri 10/07/2016  01-03 0.70 16.67% 1.954 -1.11%
Fri 10/14/2016  01-04 0.70 0.00% 1.969 0.77%
Fri 10/21/2016  01-05 0.70 0.00% 1.873 -4.88%
Fri 11/04/2016  01-06 0.64 -8.57% 1.834 -2.08%
Fri 11/11/2016  01-07 0.60 -6.25% 1.607 -12.38%
Fri 11/18/2016  01-08 0.64 6.67% 1.668 3.80%
Fri 12/09/2016  01-09 0.60 -6.25% 1.656 -0.72%
Reasons For The Show Failing:

The biggest downfall of the show can be attested to the promotion and day that it airs. The show was nicely promoted prior to its release and shortly after it started airing. I was frequently seeing it during the Fox NFL broadcasts. They pushed it, and then just stopped completely. Never a good showing of confidence when the network quits on pushing a show. As for the air date, Friday is NOT a good TV viewing night. Usually it’s a night reserved for bottom feeder shows. People go out on Friday nights. Put a show on a Friday night at 9/8 P.M. EST/CT and you’re officially in television purgatory. Not to mention that horror shows aren’t a major sell for networks, American Horror Story is a bit of an anomaly, people just don’t believe a TV show can be scary or have the possibility of being effective like a movie would.

Chances The Exorcist Survives: 

Things are looking bleak at this point, even Father Tomas and Keane might not be able to provide a miracle and save the show from cancellation. The people just aren’t watching, and that’s unfortunate. Some shows have no business staying alive, but this one really deserves to survive. It’s an intriguing and imaginative show that leaves you with a cliffhanger week-to-week, with an apparent long-term vision.

What Can You Do To Save It:

Fans have more of a say these days than ever before, in regards to voicing their opinions on shows and movies. Go out there and let your voice be heard to Fox. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Word of mouth: Tell your friends, family, neighbors to tune in
  • Tweet to @FoxTV and let them know your feelings about the show
  • Watch the show live, DVR it and also watch it online at Fox.com
  • Send a direct message to give feedback at Fox.com
  • Share posts and reviews about the show on social media

All hope is not lost. The more you talk about it, the more the executives will hear about it. Going silent doesn’t do anything.

Jim Alexander is one of the co-founders of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle (CIFCC). He has been a staff writer at TheMovieBlog.com since 2014. He helped develop and host the “Correct Opinion Podcast.” Jim has written for Screenrant.com and contributed to the Australian movie site Cinemazzi.com. He is the United States Film and Entertainment Reporter for BBC’s 5 Live radio show. In addition to his interest in film, he also hosts the “Bachelor Universe” blog and podcast, centered on the ABC show The Bachelor. Jim graduated with a MA in Journalism from DePaul University. He is a die-hard Chicago Bulls and Bears fan. Born in Chicago, but raised in Poland, he grew up playing soccer and remains an avid fan of the sport. He is passionate about film and strives to incorporate new and innovative ways to present film criticism. He currently resides in a suburb outside of Chicago, IL.