The CW’s Best Shows: Ranking the 2015-16 Season


The CW has morphed into – frankly – the best broadcast network. It’s almost easy to miss it when cable and streaming are having their big moment, but The CW’s current slate of shows are some of the most entertaining productions on television right now. And of course, we have to rank them!

Like last year, we polled The Young Folks’ staff to rank the Top 10 CW Shows. This is us basically telling you how you should prioritize your CW catch-up binge time this summer.

Click through the slideshow to see which shows made our Top 10.

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  • gio1986

    Arrow was aweful this season. I gave it up.

  • John Anthony

    LOL, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of the best shows on TV right now, every other CW show is very, very mediocre.