Ranking The CW’s Best Shows: A Summer Binge-Watch Recommendation List

The CW 2015 shows

You have to admit that The CW has stepped up its game in the past few years. Their current slate is made up of some of the most entertaining shows on network TV. Yet, people are still dismissive of these shows because of the network they’re on. The CW (or The WB) isn’t well-known for churning out quality stuff, but through the years, it did produce favorites like Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, and more. However, can we remember a time when The CW had THIS MANY good shows airing at the same time?!

This list/ranking is to convince you to start tuning into The CW and give a chance to these very awesome shows. They serve as great binge-watch-worthy recommendations for this summer.

The staff collaborated and evaluated all of The CW’s shows. The ones listed are what we consider our favorites. The shows are ranked by the amount of responses received from each writer and how enthusiastic their responses are.

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  • TJ

    The100 at # 1 where it belongs! Amazing show!

  • Jenny Nguyen

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. So glad it’s getting the recognition it deserves!!

  • No question The 100, Jane and The Flash, the best shows on The CW right now.