‘The Bachelorette’: Time For JoJo To Pick Her Man

The conclusion of the JoJo dating drama is finally upon us. It’s down to the final two men: Robby and Jordan. Who will be the man she will pick? Here are some scenarios for her to consider, for each guy:



The anointed frontrunner has been convinced for weeks that he’s getting on his knee to propose to JoJo. Robby has sort of been the snake lurking in the grass throughout the season, and now he’s ready to bite. The former professional swimmer has somewhat, surprisingly won JoJo’s heart. He’s still not likely to be the man she picks, but stranger things have happened, such as Luke not even making it to overnight dates.


There is a whole lot of drama surrounding Robby. His ex girlfriend is hooking up with his nemesis and resident Bachelorette bad boy Chad. During his hometown date, JoJo was concerned about the rumors of him breaking up with his ex to go on the show. Will these rumors follow them if she picks Robby? It’s risky.


As serious as he appears to be about her, they just don’t seem like a couple that could mesh well. He’s kind of sneaky and untrustworthy. The last thing she wants is a guy with baggage. There just doesn’t seem to be that natural connection she had with Luke, and still has with…Jordan.



From the moment it was announced that the younger brother of NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers was going to be on this season, he was the talk of Bachelor Nation. Even JoJo was aware of him before she even met him. He received the first impression rose the first night and has never looked back since. JoJo and Jordan are a natural power couple. If they are looking to extend their fame, this is the right pairing.


Jordan isn’t a fan favorite due to his shady past. His ex-girlfriend blasted him on social media accusing him of cheating, shortly after his début on the show. The rumors of his cheating ways, along with the recent allegation that he has an active dating profile wouldn’t put JoJo in a happy place. That’s not even mentioning the family drama with his brother Aaron. There is a lot of drama that surrounds Baby Rodgers. Drama aside, there is no denying that JoJo is mesmerized and head-over-heels with him. The girl is definitely in love.


As seen in the previews for tonight’s finale, JoJo is uncertain about Jordan, but questions life without him. She’s so wrapped up in him that she can’t imagine life without him. Even if she picked Robby, she’d still be thinking about Jordan. That is one powerful impression to have over a woman. It seems that she’d be a lot more heartbroken without Jordan, than happy with Robby.


I’ve said it from day one, it has to be Jordan. It’s the worst kept secret. I’ll literally be STUNNED if she goes with Robby. This is like the championship Bulls from the 90’s going up against the current Bulls team. You get my point. She’s going for the lust, fame and infatuation. The right guy was Luke, but he’s gone.

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