‘The Bachelorette’ Final Four Guys Chances of Winning JoJo’s Heart

The Bachelorette hometown dates are tonight. This is usually a crucial episode of the season. JoJo (the bachelorette) will accompany the final four men as they travel to their hometowns to introduce her to their families. The four men (Jordan, Chase, Robby and Luke) have been the clear front-runners all season long, but now it’s time to send home the favorites. Let me make a case for each making it to the end and their chances of getting there:



Known as the baby brother of Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Jordan has been the favorite from the very start. He had JoJo’s attention at “hello.” Baby Rodgers hasn’t had the easiest time in the house among the guys. Constantly trying to defend himself from accusations of being a cheater, going on the show for fame and using his brief NFL career along with brother’s fame to put himself ahead of the other guys, Jordan is quite the polarizing guy.

Why He WILL Win:

There is no denying that JoJo is incredibly physically attracted to Jordan. It’s obvious in every interaction that they have, and she’s not shy to talk about it. His smooth talking skills have gotten him out of trouble with her, especially every time there is some allegation of him causing trouble. She forgives him every time. Had it been another guy, he’d been sent packing a long time ago. It’s hard not to envision JoJo not being lured by the potential spotlight of dating Jordan and being part of the Rodgers family.

Why He WON’T Win:

The only guy that has a chance of truly winning JoJo’s heart that is not named Jordan is Luke. The connection she has displayed with Luke is real and similar to that she has with Jordan. At worst Baby Rodgers is making the final two.

Jordan’s percentage at love with JoJo: 50%



Why He WILL Win:

This guy is a legitimate threat. Had Luke been a bit more famous than Jordan they might be a legitimate 50-50 to take it all. Luke does have a real chance of winning JoJo’s heart as evidenced last week on their one-on-one date. They might have been shooting targets and riding horses, but whatever this man seems to do, she eats it up. She constantly talks about his physical attractiveness. His smooth talking (mumbling actually) gets her every time. He’s got everything JoJo wants. Charm. Romantic. Good looks. Rugged.

Why He WON’T Win:

Jordan might be the only reason why Luke won’t win, because no other guy is any sort of threat to him. He doesn’t seem like the most outgoing or chatty guy, but she likes him for what he is. I wouldn’t be shocked if Luke is the man at the end that she selects, but I just don’t get that feeling.

Luke’s percentage at love with JoJo: 40%



Why He WILL win:

Robby is a self-proclaimed “front-runner.” Realistically even he must have known deep down inside that he didn’t have much of a chance with Jordan and Luke around. JoJo and Robby shared a nice one-on-one date in Uruguay a couple weeks ago. She’s attracted to him, but it’s nowhere near as strong as it is with Jordan and Luke.

Why He WON’T win:

Pegging yourself as a front-runner doesn’t mean much, Robby. It’s hard to even call him a dark-horse at this point. It was a nice run, but it ends this week or the next.

Robby’s percentage at love with JoJo: 10%



Why He WILL win:

Honestly there isn’t much of a case to be made for Chase winning. At best this is a three man race, Chase is just a filler. He’s never had a genuine connection with her. Last week was the first time they really shared a moment together. He told her he’s falling for her, but that looked very forced and unnatural. He’s probably made it this far by default.

Why He WON’T Win: 

See: Jordan. Luke.

Chase’s percentage at love with JoJo: 0%

Do you feel differently? Share your thoughts, comments and questions below.

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