TV News: The Affair Season Two Trailer Teases More Than Two Sides to the Story

One of my favorite new shows last year was Showtime’s The Affair. Full of passionate  performances and mystery, the show pulled off a very entertaining and intriguing examination on complicated relationships and how an affair changes and affects the dynamic of each. Season one told us the story from Noah (Dominic West) and Alison’s (Ruth Wilson) perspectives. But now, it seems like the show is widening their scope, as you can see in the video below.

Now that Noah and Alison have left their spouses to be together, it only makes sense that we still see what Helen (Maura Tierney) and Cole (Joshua Jackson) are up to and how they could play into the murder mystery aspect. So far, we learned that Cole will be receiving a potential new love interest, Luisa, played by Oscar-nominated actress Catalina Sandino Moreno. As for what’s next for Noah and Alison from the new trailer, there’s a lot of guilt (and a lot of sex) while dealing with the fallout of their decisions and the police charging Noah with Scotty’s murder.

Do you think we’ll find out the truth this season? The Affair returns Sunday, October 4th on Showtime.


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