Streaming Wars: Netflix vs. Hulu Plus vs. Amazon Prime

If you’re like most of us, affording to pay for three streaming services can be hard on the finances. For all three of the top services, it costs over $300 yearly. While it’s nice to have options, it’s not always realistic.

Therefore, we are taking sides and explaining what we love about Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, and why each one should be considered the best. Let the war begin…


It’s hard to work to get your brand or product name recognized nationally, but an even greater feat having it become a household name. Netflix has earned every bit of that status by evolving past its movie rental roots and evolving into the visionary streaming service we now know. Netflix has always been on the forefront of innovation and is responsible for the birth of every other streaming service we use today.

Netflix has also successfully pioneered the development of original content like films and TV shows without having to worry about TV broadcasting guidelines or creative limitations put on by the networks. This means that people’s artistic visions get fully realized without them having to worry about compromising their intent or message. This unbridled exploration of creativity never existed on any easily accessible medium, but because of it we have been able to have a depth of shows we could have never imagined. Shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Gracie and Frankie, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Sense8, etc.

Let’s not forget the partnership Netflix has with Disney, that has already brought to the screen Daredevil and Jessica Jones with many more planned on the way. This year, that same deal with Disney will get us unlimited access to all of their content since it will be available to stream on Netflix very soon.

New content is continually being developed, bringing to life shows we never thought would exist, and resurrecting shows we never imagined would come back. Netflix shows no signs of stopping since this juggernaut is leading the charge to new frontiers. Netflix now, Netflix Forever. – Jon Espino


The season of summer means the season of TV and movies. Yes, most of us still might have school and work and various responsibilities, but summer is still the best time to see some of the best entertainment. Growing up, we all remember coming home from school to watch our favorite shows or spending our summers going to the movies. However, things look a bit different in the year 2016, streaming networks provide most of our entertainment without the need for cable. Although Netflix was pretty much the original streaming service, and has developed some pretty incredible original shows; I’m here to say that Hulu is the network I’d choose to keep this summer. Although Netflix has some of the most popular original content, Hulu has a pretty large library of shows for streaming. Unlike Netflix, where most new shows are only available months after having aired on cable, Hulu allows viewers to watch most shows the day after air or within a short time span. Hulu also provides viewers an eclectic array of films for all kinds of tastes. It offers new and popular movies sooner after their release, as well as Hollywood classics and Criterion Collection gems like Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times. With the option to add an even bigger library of films with the Showtime add-on, Hulu is the best of the streaming networks and the one I’ll stick to this summer!  – Melissa Linares


There is a small part of me that was wondering if I was simply being contrarian when I started writing this piece. Even greater I wondered if perhaps I didn’t have a say since the account I use for Amazon Prime (and Hulu and Netflix) isn’t my own – I’m a streaming leech. Frankly, I spend most of my time aimlessly browsing Netflix and often not deciding on something to watch (or landing on something ridiculous). However, grading on pure quality of choice, Amazon Prime might be the way to go.

Here’s why.

The options are endless. From television to film the list of potential things to watch is impressive and for the most part, the quality is high. Compare it to Netflix, which also has a great amount of choices to choose from but whose choices aren’t always of the highest quality. Amazon meanwhile, though you may have to rent some, tend to take on some of the bigger, critical darlings of the given year.

They also have some of the best television shows currently airing, making for wonderful binge watching days. They just recently acquired Mr. Robot, a must watch before its season two premiere in July. It’s had Veep for a while now and many would call it the best comedy on air as well as Orphan Black, a science fiction series with a stunner lead performance(s) by Tatiana Maslany. That’s not even touching on the original content, including the groundbreaking and award winning Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle, featuring one of my favorite actors Gael Garcia Bernal (and if he isn’t one of your favorites you haven’t been lucky enough to see many of his films).

Don’t know what to binge watch next? Here are some Amazon Prime options: Avatar The Last Airbender, Doctor Who, The Americans, Band of Brothers and Justified, and that’s just scraping the surface.

The movies aren’t as obviously tremendous, but I’ve found many that I wasn’t previously aware of through the service such as The Great Debaters directed by Denzel Washington and Everything Must Go utilizing Will Ferrell in the odd dramatic role. Cult favorites such as Ghost World and The Big Lebowski are available as well as recent critical favorites such as Love & Mercy and The End of the Tour.

There are drawbacks, sure (the yearly rate compared to the monthly rates of Netflix), but for cinephiles who are looking beyond the Criterion Collection, Amazon Prime is a good option because there are few titles that aren’t available in some capacity.

I sound like an ad, I’m sorry.

But, see, Amazon has Laggies, and everyone should watch Laggies because it stars Keira Knightley and Sam Rockwell flirting with each other and that should really be enough to convince anyone. – Allyson Johnson

Which streaming service do you prefer?

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