SDCC ’16 News: Your first look at season four of Sherlock


Goodness I am sick and tired of the whole “something is coming” start to trailers trying to be deep and brooding, to the point where when Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) mutters of them here, I rolled my eyes. Gone it seems is much of the camp that made Sherlock such an unfettered delight in it’s first two seasons and instead Steven Moffat, Mark Gatis and co., seem to be adopting a much more jarringly sinister tone. Moriarty (Andrew Scott) may be on his way back, Mycroftt (Gatis) could possibly be on an opposing side to Sherlock, and Holmes himself seems to be continuing on since The Abominable Bride in a poor fashion.

Martin Freeman returns as John Watson along with Amanda Abbington as Mary and hopefully these two and their dynamic with the famous sleuth will help lighten what seems to be quite somber affair. Not arriving until 2017, we fans have quite a lot of time to ponder just want these 90 seconds are really telling us but if anything is clear, it’s that the show really is pulling to be a more serious show. The talent on board is more than capable of handling it but it remains to be seen if the show itself, which is at it’s best when it’s mixed comedy, action and heart can handle the tonal switch.

Are you excited?

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