SDCC ’16 News: Teen Wolf to end after season 6


It was bound to happen, and despite some less than affectionate feelings over the course of the tedious last two seasons, there’s still enough affection in me for its end to feel bittersweet. Teen Wolf will officially end after season six, according to The Wrap, once they touch their 100 episode milestone.

Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien will both be returning for the season, alongside Holland Roden as the resident banshee, but it looks like our lone teen human will be facing some uphill battles this year when the show returns in the fall. The series seemed to have planned for O’Brien’s shooting schedule for Maze Runner: The Death Cure, but you have to wonder how they accommodated his injuries that he obtained on the movie set. O’Brien was absent from the panel this year, but his character Stiles falls victim to the new big bad, a force that has the ability to not just kill our heroes but “erase them from reality,” something we see come abundantly clear when even Stiles’s own dad doesn’t seem to recognize him.

So, yeah, Teen Wolf, you’ve roped me in, and I likely will sit out one last season, especially considering its your last. At the very least, the new threat this year doesn’t seem to be a re-hash of everything they’ve done before, but I keep my expectations low when it comes to Jeff Davis. I don’t know about you, but at this point I’m really only sticking with it for Scott, Stiles and Lydia.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you’re most excited to see in season six.

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