TV Review: Scream Queens (2×2) “Chainsaw”

jhIn episode two, we get more Chanels, a Backstreet Boys song and a new mascot. The episode opens with Grace and Zayday shopping for snacks in a convenience store when a red masked devil appears in the aisle. Grace Tasers him and Zayday knocks a shelf into him.

*Spoiler Alert*

Of course, it couldn’t be that easy. The killer can’t be caught in the second episode. Or can it?

The masked devil turned out to be a freshman in the mascot costume. This incident in combination with everything else happening, results in the Dean and Board of the University deciding to change the school mascot to “Coney”, an ice cream cone. The students are less than pleased. Just a few days later, Coney and the student in the costume are violently murdered by the masked devil with a chainsaw. Another ‘death’ to add to the count.


Grace and Zayday start to become suspicious about the disappearance of Chanel #2 (Ariana Grande). They don’t buy the story that Chanel #2 returned home after having a mental breakdown. The girls and their security officer (the hilarious Nicey Nash) visit Chanel #2’s, who’s real name is Sonya, home to talk to her parents. Sonya’s parents haven’t seen or heard from her. We learned Sonya has been in out of rehab and dating Chad Radwell, Chanel’s on and off again boyfriend, at the same time as she was. Turns out that all the Chanels were dating Chad at the same time. These girls’ might not be quite as loyal as we thought. Posts have been made on Sonya’s Instagram account since her ‘death’, so the question is who is updating? Is Sonya alive and well? Maybe she is like Boone and is actually in on the whole thing. Or is it the killer covering his tracks? 

Hester (Lea Michele) goes from drab to fab with a little help from Chanel and her extensive, fancy closet. Chad tells Chanel earlier on in the episode that she should “Pray that all the doggie-face Kappa pledges get murdered so you can be popular again.” She realizes if she makes Hester hot, she is one step closer to being popular. Why didn’t she think of a makeover earlier? Trouble boils in the Kappa house when Hester is revealed to the other Kappas as Chanel #6. According to Chanel #5 pledges aren’t allowed to be Chanels. Jeeze, all these Chanels are becoming confusing.

Maybe the best scene of the week is when the Dickie Dollar Scholars go out to avenge Boone’s death. Even though it’s been ruled a suicide, Chad and the boys don’t believe it. With Backstreet Boys playing in the background, the boys, dressed in all white, get drunk and grab baseball bats to chase after the Red Devil. It’s revealed in this scene that there are not one, but two Red Devils. Is Boone one of them? In a classic horror movie fight scene, the Dickie Dollar Scholars fight a cheeky battle against the devil resulting in one scholar getting his arm cut off and surviving until the other one is eventually cut off with the chainsaw. At the end of the episode, it is unclear which of the Dickie Dollar Scholars are still alive.


Chanel #3 aligns herself with the pledge, Sam, saying she will need an alibi for the next murder. Hmmm suspicious… Pete and Grace head out on a mission to find the only girl they can connect with from the bathtub incident of 20 years ago. They head out on a six-hour car ride to find her, because most college students have six hours of free time to just drop everything and go on a search. Guess homework, classes and extracurriculars aren’t important in life and death situations. A romance is blossoming between Grace’s Dad and Gigi, but the Dean is doing everything she can to stop it. She wants him all to herself. She is seeming scarier and more manipulative every scene.

The episode ends in a cliffhanger when the Red Devil attacks Gigi while she is at the Kappa house sleeping on the couch after the Dean basically forces her out of the bedroom. Wes (Grace’s dad) races in after hearing screams. They knock the devil over, but when they check, the devil has disappeared. Seconds later the Dean appears. They accuse the Dean of being the killer and tell her not to come any closer until the police arrive.

Do you think it’s her?

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